Office of Management and Budget

The Office of Management and Budget prepares an annual balanced operating budget and an annual capital budget.   As required by the Home Rule Charter the Mayor presents to City Council a General Fund and Community Development Fund operating budget and a capital budget for the succeeding fiscal year. This presentation occurs on the second Monday in the November preceding the fiscal year,   

Public hearings are conducted to obtain the advice of other officials and citizens as part of the preparation of these budgets.  Before the beginning of the fiscal year, City Council adopts, by resolution, these budgets. 

OMB is responsible for implementing and overseeing the City of Pittsburgh’s operating and capital budgets.  Throughout the fiscal year, OMB monitors the City’s expenditures and revenue receipts, provides legislative oversight on any matters related to the budget, and oversees budget transfers and adjustments.  Analysts in OMB prepare quarterly reports on the performance of major revenue sources and expenditure categories, reports on key factors driving the budget, cash flow, and brief updates on important management initiatives.

Operating and Capital Budgets:


Quarterly Financial and Performance Reports
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