Office of Management and Budget
Grants Office

The mission of the Grants Office is to increase the City’s capacity and capability to compete for federal, state and foundation grants. Additionally, the office effectively assists in the management of grants from award to closeout.

Grants Office Functions

  • Promote collaboration and coordination between City departments, Authorities, and the Mayor’s Office when it comes to the grants process.
  • Foster partnerships between the private, public and foundation sectors.
  • Maintain City-wide guidelines and procedures for how departments apply for and manage grants.
  • Serve as a resource for all steps of the grants research, award and management process for all City departments.

Grants Manual

To learn more about how to best utilize the Grants Office, check out our new grants manual, hot off the press! Our goal is give you a user-friendly, step-by-step guide to understand both the grantseeking and post-award grant management processes.

By removing some of the overly technical language and mystery from these historically confusing processes, we hope departments will feel more comfortable engaging regularly with the Grants Office.

Get the manual HERE.


Grants Office Staff

Melanie Ondek, Senior Grants Officer

Daniel Barrett, Grants Officer

Sara DeRoy, Grants Officer
Pittsburgh Purchasing


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