1. What is the Office of Municipal Investigations?
  2. How Does OMI operate?
  3. How do I file a complaint?
  4. Who may file a complaint with OMI?
  5. What happens to complaints after they are filed by OMI?


1.  What is the Office of Municipal Investigations?

OMI investigates and helps resolve complaints about City employees, including Police, Fire, EMS, and Building Inspection.  It conducts pre-employment background investigations on candidates for public safety jobs. OMI is completely independent of other departments and draws its authority from the Mayor.


2.  How does OMI operate?

The Office of Municipal Investigations acts solely as a fact finder and does not make disciplinary decisions or recommendations. OMI relies on City work rules, union contracts, civil services regulations, City  codes, and state laws to define illegal conduct, inappropriate conduct, and rules of investigations.  By remaining independent from the Bureaus it investigates and removed from the disciplinary process, OMI ensures fairness and thorough investigations.  OMI is staffed by a civilian manager, civilian coordinator, detectives, civilian investigators, and clerical staff.


3.  How do I file a complaint?

You should contact OMI as soon as possible after the incident.  Some union contracts have a 90 day statute of limitations on most cases of misconduct.  You may call OMI for assistance and information.  Complaints can be made over the telephone, in person at the OMI office, or in a letter or fax describing the complaint. 

All complaints should be in writing and include your name, address, daytime telephone number, and signature.  OMI will make arrangements to assist in getting a complaint form by going to your  home or place of employment if necessary.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 A.M.  After hours messages can be left with the answering service.  No appointment is necessary to file a complaint daily. 


4.  Who may file a complaint with OMI?

Any person involved in an incident who questions the appropriateness of a City employee's conduct.  Anonymous and third party complaints are accepted and investigated if corroborative evidence can be obtained. 


5.  What happens to complaints after they are filed by OMI?

Complaints are reviewed by an intake person and a civilian manager.  If the complaint merits investigation, it is assigned to a police or civilian investigator.

Complainants receive a certified letter providing the investigator's name and case number.  OMI may request assistance in obtaining private information such as witness names, phone numbers, photos of injuries and damages, and medical records.  At the conclusion of the investigation, a final letter is sent informing the complainant of the final case disposition. 

OMI renders 4 dispositions to cases it investigates:

  1. Sustain:  facts support allegations of misconduct violations of department rules.
  2. Regulations/Procedures:  not resolved facts; does not prove or disprove the allegations.
  3. Exonerated:  Employee acted within the guidelines of authority.
  4. Unfounded:  False / inaccurate, not as stated in allegations.


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