CityFit - Wellness At Work
CityFit is excited to offer the UCan2 program in preparation for Great Race training.

For more information contact Charisse Smith at 412-255-2950 or

Venture Outdoors
CityFit is offering various discounts up to 100% on Venture Outdoors activities during the month of July and throughout the summer.
For more information contact City Fit at or Charisse Smith at 412-255-2950.


10,000 Step Challenge

Summer is here, and so is the 10,000 Step Challenge! The 10,000 step challenge is a 12-week  walking program that encourages you to become active by tracking daily activity with the use of a pedometer.  We have also added some great new features such as weekly trainer assisted walks and fitness information. 

Health & Wellness Quiz: September

Check out the answers to the Cityfit Health & Wellness Quiz for last month and take this month's quiz.

It is the goal of the CityFit-Wellness at Work Program to promote awareness of health, wellness and fitness for the employees of the City of Pittsburgh. CityFit will empower employees through comprehensive programming and the support of healthy lifestyle choices to enhance their pursuit of healthy living. This program will reach out to employees of all ages and abilities to motivate and improve their lifestyles.
Fall doesn't mean you have to fail at losing weight!
Join Weight Watchers now and CityFit will pay half the cost!
New session begins Thursday, September 4, 2014
Eat Well, Live Well, Work Well!
CityFit Health and Wellness Quiz

This month's quiz is on the topic of  "What Metabolism really means ". To take the September quiz, please click here!

Please include your first and last name!

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The CityFit Wellness Taskforce extends a personal invitation to all City employees to participate in our upcoming Citywide Wellness Fairs to be held at the following locations.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
4th Floor City County Building
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Brookline Rec. Center
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Riverview Park Activities Bldg
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Thursday, September 18, 2014
Schenley Park Ice Rink
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Please pre-register for your Bio-Metric screening and complete the Wellness Profile to be eligible to reduce your 2015 medical contributions by $240.00.  Please remember to fast at least 3 hours BEFORE  your testing.

posted 8/22/14 @ 12:00 am
U Can 2

Would you like to take running up as a new way to exercise? Are you a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills? Well the U Can 2 program can help! For more information contact Charisse Smith at 412-255-2950 or

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Venture Outdoors is quickly becoming one of our most popular partnership initiatives.  Membership costs are exceedingly low and give you discounts to a variety of outdoor activities ALL YEAR LONG!  So what are you waiting for?  Take a tour through a new and interesting neighborhood, paddle by moonlight or hunt for that elusive candy cane with your kids.  Use attached membership form or contact for more information. Please check out our monthly activities calendar, some activities are subsidized by Cityfit. Check it out! 

posted 10/17/12 @ 10:08 am

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Did you know the PSLF Program was established by Congress to encourage individuals to enter and continue in full-time public service employment by forgiving the remaining loan balance on Direct Loans after the borrower has made 120 separate, on time, monthly payments beginning anytime after October 1, 2007.  See the press release for more information.

posted 5/11/12 @ 12:12 pm
CityFit Volunteers Needed

Be a CityFit-Wellness at Work volunteer! Come and join our committee to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and other City employees through fitness and related health issues. This program will benefit you. The committee meets once a month, but new ideas and interests are accepted at any time.

If you are interested, please contact LaVonne Shannon 412-255-2514 to be added as a committee member.

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