Employee Assistance Program (EAP) New WorkLife Portal

Click the Image to explore Life Solution's new Worklife Portal. The new Worklife Portal contains over 60 skill builders or online trainings that can help build your skills in both personal and professional areas.

New Lactation Rooms for City Employees

The City of Pittsburgh has two new lactation rooms available for working mothers, one on the first floor of the Civic Building and another on the sixth floor of the City-County Building. The new lactation rooms create a more family friendly city! 

Diabetes Risk Test

The questionnaire takes two minutes to complete and will show your chances of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Also available in Spanish. 

Eat Well, Live Well, Work Well!

Mission Statement 

It is the goal of the CityFit-Wellness at Work Program to promote awareness of health, wellness and fitness for the employees of the City of Pittsburgh.

CityFit will empower employees through comprehensive programming and the support of healthy lifestyle choices to enhance their pursuit of healthy living. This program will reach out to employees of all ages and abilities to motivate and improve their lifestyles.

September - CityFit Wellness Month

Labor Day weekend Family Walks will be featured thoughout the City .


Make sure to attend one of our Wellness Fairs in September. At the Fairs, you are able to get your Bio Screening and do your Wellness Profile to qualify for Wellness Reward #1 for 2017, as well as learn about Wellness Reward #2 for next year.  

  • Wednesday, September 7th - City-County Building, 10 AM - 3 PM
  • Tuesday, September 13th - Brookline Recreation Center, 4 PM - 7 PM
  • Wednesday, September 14th - Riverview Park, Activities Bldg. 4 PM - 7 PM  
  • Thursday, September 15th - Schenley Park Ice Rink- 4 PM - 7 PM 
Wellness Reward #2 for this year

Congratulations to everyone who completed Wellness Reward #2 for this year! You will begin seeing your Wellness Reward #2 credit in your paycheck on August 19th.

Highmark is sending postcards to everyone who completed Wellness Reward #2.  

​Smoking Cessation 2017 

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease, cancer and death in the United States. In 2018 a financial incentive will be given to nonsmokers and to individuals enrolled in the smoking cessation programs offered by CityFit. Beginning in 2017 we are partnering with Beat the Pack and Smoke Free For Life to offer smoking cessation classes for employees interested in quitting smoking.

At the end of this year, the Gurus will help you obtain smoking cessation medications, some of which are free under Obamacare, in advance of the cessation classes. Our Wellness Gurus are certified tobacco treatment specialists and will be leading classes in smoking cessation. Classes will be held at multiple city locations to accommodate your busy schedules. Join us as we take a stand to Beat the Pack! 

CityFit Engagement Team

Promoting a culture of health is our number one goal!

Whos on the team?

Patty Poloka from Police, Edward Dursi from Fire, Charles Pratt from EMS, Shawn Wigle from Environmental Services, the Wellness Gurus, the Benefits Staff and You. Call 412-255-2183 if you'd like to participate.    

Protect Those that Protect Us

This is a program to supply Fire, with gym equipment, trainers, and membership discounts, to promote a healthy lifestyle for our public safety employees. These donations will come from local fitness establishments all over the city. The goal is to develop lasting community relationships and reinforce a culture of wellness. 

CityFit Pittsburgh

CityFit Pittsburgh expands the scope of CityFit to include all citizens of Pittsburgh. We are partnering with local organizations such as BikePGH, Grow Pittsburgh, and Lets Move PGH to plan up coming events all over the city. The first focus is on kids, food, and exercise. 

Mental Wellness

CityFit is committed to offering help and resources to anyone who needs them. Our new Mental Health Awareness menu is meant to encourage conversation and direct people seeking help to the information they need.

    Make sure to also take advantage of your Employee Assistance Program, EAP! With a wide range of topics, from managing personal finances to handling the death of a loved one, the WorkLife Portal can offer you insight and advice on demand any time.  

    Make sure to check out our Wellness Reward #2 page to find out how you can save $240 off of your monthly healthcare payments for the second half of 2016! There you will find detailed instructions for everything you need to do to earn your reward. Contact one of our CityFit Gurus for help making choices regarding your Wellness Reward #2, and look for them at your work site in 2016.

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