Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission
Living Legend Honors

The City of Pittsburgh DiverseCity 365 Living Legend Award is one of the highest honors in diversity recognizing those who set the standard and/or support diversity and inclusion efforts at the City of Pittsburgh.  It was developed to   recognize individuals and outstanding efforts that move the diversity agenda forward and ahead into the future. The honor is less about seniority and tenure than  it  is  about  advocacy,  support, and progressive championship.  The City of Pittsburgh DiverseCity 365  Living  Legend  Honor  is awarded to individual(s) who support  positive and progressive movement in diversity towards establishing a sustainable legacy for inclusion in this City and region.   The  individual(s) honored   will  have  helped  the efforts of the  City  of Pittsburgh in diversity and will have supported the efforts of the DiverseCity 365 Taskforce and the DiverseCity 365 Program in  any  capacity   (i.e;  recruitment,  retention, awareness,  advocacy,   elevation,   training,  engagement, culture building, legislation, inclusion, etc.) on various occasions.

The Award is for:    A  Living  Champion  setting  and/or supporting progressive efforts to establish a sustainable legacy in the interest of Diversity and with the intent of Inclusion...Inspiring or supporting a "Movement" of change to  integrate  permanently  into the Pittsburgh culture, in the workforce, and throughout the region.

The Mayor will recognize TWO HONOREES, each year:

    • City of Pittsburgh Employee Inclusion Champion
    • Affiliate/ Member of a Community Partner Organization Inclusion Champion

2013 Nominees Include:

Internal Nominees Include:

  • Maurita Bryant, Assistant Chief, Bureau of Police
  • Lisa Epps, Master Firefighter, Bureau of Fire
  • Noor Ismail, Director, Department of City Planning
  • Lillian Reese-McGhee, Assistant Director, Department of Personnel & CSC
  • Dick Skrinjar, Assistant Director, Parks & Recreation Department

External Nominees Include:

  • T. Rashad Byrdsong, CEO, Community Empowerment Association
  • Evan Frazier, Sr. VP. Community Affairs, Highmark
  • Laura Varner-Norman, General Manager, WAMO
  • Honorable Dwayne Woodruff, Judge County Court of Common Pleas

2013 Internal Champion of Inclusion

  • Duane Ashley, Director of Operations

2013 External Champion of Inclusion

  • Lynne Hayes-Freeland, Reporter/Anchor, KDKA

2012 Living Legend, Champion of Inclusion Honorees

Internal Champion of Inclusion
Margaret Lanier, City Treasurer and Deputy Director of Finance

External Champion of Inclusion
Dr. Alex Johnson, President- Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

2011 Living Legend, Champion of Inclusion Honorees

Internal Champion of Inclusion
Phil Petite, Manager of Equal Opportunity Review Commssion

External Champion of Inclusion
Alma Speed Fox,  past President of the NAACP, and Founder of  Freedom Unlimited

The 2010 Living Legend Employee Honorees:

  • Duane Ashley, Director of Operations
  • Maurita Bryant, Assistant Chief of Police
  • Lisa Epps, Master Fire Fighter
  • Ed Gainey, Economic Development Manager
  • Nathan Harper, Police Chief
  • Margaret Lanier, Deputy Director-City Treasurer
  • Phil Petite, Manager of E.O.R.C.
  • Yarone Zober, Chief of Staff


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