Department of Personnel and Civil Service Commission
DiverseCity 365 Inclusion Series

As part of our efforts to inspire and impact positive culture change and diversity development the DiverseCity 365 Program recognizes National Diversity Month and National Diversity Awareness Month with Inclusion Series events.  The events are open forums for community members and City of Pittsburgh employees around the various topics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Previous Inclusion Series conversationalists include Lynn Hayes-Freeland, Dr. Rahmon Hart, Debra Mason, Michael Testa, Marcus Rediker and so many others.

Fall Inclusion Series 2012 will be interactive diversity theater with the Metamorphosis Performing Company. 

This October we explore:

Communicating in a Diverse Workplace
With all of the diverse cultures and various generations intertwined throughout the workforce how do we master effective communication that supports an Inclusive environment

Diversity for What?
With such a heavy emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion how do we interpret the meaning and ensure that Diversity thrives beyond being just a "sensual" word to fully integrate an Inclusive culture

Gender Bias in Business Culture
Is there still a glass ceiling...and how do we identify the perspectives that gender and gender roles imply in the workplace

Previous Inclusion Series Mega-Events:

The MULTI-Movement Conversation
A progressive conversation for understanding our “Multi-Culture Reality”

Understanding HERstory and The Female Community
Some of Pittsburgh’s Most Inspirational Women provide insight for development and
understanding inclusion from a HerStorical perspective

Understanding the Generational Multi-Mix Conversation
How do we navigate the first time in history with Veterans, Baby Boomers,
Generation X, and Generation Y together in the workplace?

Understanding Cultural Religious Awareness Conversation
How do we understand the cultural dynamics of religious backgrounds?


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