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The City of Pittsburgh's DiverseCity 365 Taskforce

The City of Pittsburgh’s DiverseCity 365 initiative is the City’s effort to ensure equal opportunity, foster inclusion, and increase diversity.  It is the mission of DiverseCity 365 to demonstrate The City’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality by promoting the cultural core values that nurture diversity, eliminate barriers, provide access, opportunity, and encourage inclusion as a deliberate part of daily operations at the City of Pittsburgh.

The City of Pittsburgh DiverseCity 365 Taskforce was developed to create and implement innovative strategies to ensure that The City's commitment to Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion are fulfilled.  It is the role of the group to:

  • Devise strategies and plans that establish the City as a model leader in Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • Implement initiatives that inspire inclusion and diversifies the workforce
  • Sustain a system of inclusion for the workforce and throughout the region

Under the leadership of the City’s Assistant Director and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer Tamiko L. Stanley, The DiverseCity 365 Taskforce has a specific purpose to demonstrate commitment to diversifying the City’s workforce by ensuring equity, promoting and integrating inclusion with policies and processes, and setting the standard as a regional leader for diversity.

The group functions as a think-tank and coordinating body to assess, implement, and recommend enhancements, programs and projects to ensure equality and achieve diversity.  The group was established in 2007 as 10 seat taskforce and has grown to a 21-seat council.  All city departments have a voice in diversity on the taskforce, each seat is occupied by a member of each City department’s leadership.  The taskforce is constantly developing strategies and monitoring programs to ensure the City is consistently operating in the interest of diversity 365 days a year.


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