Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The City is committed to Diversity and Equal Opportunity throughout the City of Pittsburgh. The recognizes and promotes a diverse Pittsburgh culture and aims to  provide access to opportunity, remove employment and engagement barriers, and ensure the  city’s realization of its diversity goals. The City of Pittsburgh actively practices diversity recruiting in effort to excite residents to join us in a rewarding career at the City of Pittsburgh.

The City ensures equity by providing:

  • Community access to information
  • Assistance
  • Awareness
  • Equal access to resources, tools and preparation
  • Equal opportunity and equal access to employment at the City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh takes a proactive approach by:

  • Making the application process user-friendly and less difficult to navigate with on-line applications
  • Providing preparation resources and guidance for Civil Service and Standardized testing processes
  • Offering community-based assistance centers
  • Eliminating fees and other obstacles of applying
  • Providing opportunities to meet key Officials, Chiefs, and other Personnel for information and guidance
  • Traveling to local neighborhoods to describe the dynamics of city positions, the steps of all application processes, providing assistance and mentoring from key personnel.




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