Core Functions & Initiatives

In order to achieve our mission of providing human resources services to both our internal and external customers, we are committed to developing initiatives that specifically address the core functions of human resource services.

Recruitment and Selection

Staffing City positions with the most diverse and talented employees.

  • Analyze and develop position requirements
  • Maintain a comprehensive online employment system for job search assistance and position applications
  • Establish Civil Service eligibility lists for City positions
  • Coordinate interactive and digital services
  • Conduct Public Safety recruitment
    • Firefighter
    • Police
    • Paramedic
    • EMT/Paramedic Trainee
    • Animal Control
    • Bureau of Building Inspections

Personnel Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Managing personnel policies by developing, assessing, implementing, and maintaining all operating practices.

  • Develop procedural manuals for City operations.
  • Coordinate the electronic distribution of Personnel and Civil Service documents to internal and external customers
  • Coordinate the distribution of employment policies, procedures and governing regulations to all employees

Training and Organizational Development

Manage all related tasks for the continuous development of City's internal workforce and assisting applicants through training and educational programs through various means.

  • Assess, develop, implement, customize and evaluate training
  • Coordinate and facilitate customized trainings for departments, units, and groups
  • Manage City's new employee orientation program
  • Provide technical skill assessment and training

Compliance and Regulatory Management

Manage and ensure awareness for compliance regarding all governing mandates and legal requirements, including the oversight of City Domicile (residency) regulations.

  • Create, develop and maintain all human resources mandates as required by The City Code, local, state, and federal laws and any regulatory agencies
  • Coordinate and facilitate weekly Civil Service Commission meetings and public hearings
  • Compliance programs for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment mandates including Title VII of the governing Civil Rights Act and beyond

Customer Service and Records Management

Maintain, update, and secure City integrity in the management of all Personnel records including the information and correspondence of both internal and external customers.

  • Continuous and responsible maintenance of City information
  • Coordinate Right-to-Know requests as required by law
  • Provide quality customer service, extended guidance, assistance, and appropriate resource referral services to all walk-in, telephone, and other corresponding customers
    • Human Resources service counter
    • Employment service center
    • Employment job line
    • Employment telephone services line...412-255-2710

Occupational Health and Safety Resources

  • Communication of City of Pittsburgh Safety Policy and applicable injury prevention strategies
  • Perform preventive inspections of City of Pittsburgh facilities.
  • Investigate injuries to City of Pittsburgh employees and initiate efforts to curb similar injuries
  • Provide safety-related training and recommendations to City of Pittsburgh departments that reflect current health and safety technologies and regulations


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