Occupational Safety

City of Pittsburgh
Hazard Communication Program

(Pennsylvania Worker & Community Right to Know Act)


HAZCOM Homepage: An Introduction

The City of Pittsburgh Hazard Communication Program (HAZCOM) incorporates all aspects of the Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act. Further details regarding these programs can be found by calling the Safety Office at 412-255-2403 or 412-255-2383.

The HAZCOM Program is administered by the Safety Office.

This information, containing the Hazardous Substance Survey Inventory, Manufacturer’s Product Listing and respective Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), will be regularly updated to reflect new and updated products used in various City of Pittsburgh departments.

How to find a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

In order to track an MSDS it is best to know the specific name of the product and the manufacturer. The MSDS can be found with either the product name or manufacturer but with more difficulty.

If only a keyword is known regarding a product, such as diesel, hydraulic or Exxon, a search may be conducted in the Hazardous Substance Survey Inventory or the Manufacturer Product listings. The search will help you find the title of the specific product, manufacturer or can be used to find a specific substance used in a product.

Hazardous Substance Survey Inventory-(Inventory updated on 11-17-05)

The listing is alphabetical according to the name of the product.

Other information includes the name of the manufacturer and composition information.

Hazardous Substance Survey Inventory in PDF Format

HAZCOM Manufacturer Product List-(Updated on 02-14-08)

Download Product list

Material Safety Data Sheets-(Updated on 02-14-08)


A-33 Dry
ABC Dry Chemical
Acepromazine Maleate Injection
Acetylene, dissolved
Advance 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze and Coolant
Advantage A500 Cleaner
Airspace Encounter
Allstar Paradichlorobenzene Blocks
America’s Choice Diesel Motor Oil
America’s Choice Hydraulic Oils  
Asphalt Cement (Crafco)
Asphalt, Hot Mix (Allegheny Asphalt)
ATF Dexron III / Mercon
Austin A-1 Bleach
Automatic Transmission Fluid
AW Hydraulic Oil
Award Furniture Polish


Ball Showboat
Bingo Liquid Drain Cleaner



CAM2 Windshield Wash Pre-Mix
CBC Plus Bowl Cleaner
Chlorine - Liquified Gas (Univar)
Coated Abrasive Product – Emery K622
Comet Cleanser


Deodorized Urinal Screens (Impact)
Diesel Fuel No. 2 (Citgo)

Diesel 2 (Motiva)
Diesel Fuel No. 2 (Sunoco)


Emery Glue Coated Abrasive
Epicare Hair and Body Shampoo
Epicare Lotion Soap
E-z Steam Distilled Turpentine


Floor Absorbent
Fuel Oil No. 2 Dyed
Full Force Antifreeze and Coolant


Gasoline: Regular Unleaded (Citgo)
Gasoline: Regular Unleaded (Phillips)
Gasoline: Regular Unleaded (Sunoco)
GOJO Power Gold
Graffiti Remover (Slime)
Graffiti Remover RTU (Solvent Based)
Gulf Crown EP 2 Lithium Grease
Gulf MP GL-5 Gear Lubricant, SAE 85W-140
Gulf Marine-G Outboard Lubricant
Gulfpride Two Cycle Engine Oil


Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil (Zappi Oil)
Hewlett Packard (Call Safety Office at 412-255-2403 or 
412-255-2383 for additional MSDS listings)

C4844A No. 10 Black Inkjet Printing
HP LaserJet Print Cartridge Q1338A
HP LaserJet Print Cartridge 92275A
Hotsy Detergent


Kerosene 1-K Undyed (Sunoco)
Ketamine Hydrochloride Injection


Lasting Impression
Lesco Pre-M 3.3 EC Herbicide
Linea Print Cartridge  
Lithium EP
Liquid Paper Multi Fluid Correction Fluid
Liquid Powder Tracing Dye 
Lubriguard Dexron III/Mercon Automatic Trans. Fluid


Mig Wire – (ER 70S-6) (National-Standard)
Mig Wire (7018) (Hobart)
Mobilith AW-2
Mobil Rarus 427


Noxon R 7 Metal Polish
N217 Formula Antifreeze and Coolant


Oxygen, Compressed


Par Coolant Plus (Antifreeze)
Penetrating Graphite Oil
Pitney Bowes
Black Toner (MSDS No. 151 Rev F)
(MSDS No. 206 Rev B)
Organic Photoconductor Drum (MSDS No. 210 Rev D)
Organic Photoconductor Drum (MSDS No. 152 Rev D)
Toner Cartridge (MSDS 209 Rev D)
Toner Cartridge (MSDS 176 Rev F)
Premium Diesel Fuel LS
Premium Universal Tractor Fluid


Qualipur 3400
Qwik Fill 530


Repel-10-MB (Coating)
Resin Bonded Abrasive Products
Roundup Pro Herbicide
Roundup Herbicide


SIC/Norzon Resin Grinding Wheel
Scotchlite Process Color 8821 Red
Screen Ink Enamel plus Gloss LF Bright Red
Screen Ink Gloss Vinyl Opaque White
Scythe Herbicide

Shellsol D 60  
Shore Caustic Paint Stripper (Oats)
ShoreBest 2351 “Bugs”
Skunk-Off Odor Eliminator
Solidaire Red Label
Solidaire Silver Label
Syntha Seal QF
Sure Pak
Surflan A.S. Herbicide - Ornamental


Thinner VF 180
Toshiba Tec 
Black Developers - D-2460,  D-3500,  D-6510
Black Toners - T-2460,  T-3500,  T-6510
Carrier EFC-65
Organic Drums – OD-2460,  OD-3500,  OD-6510
Photoreceptor KT3343A
Turf Weed and Brush Control


Unbranded Unleaded Gasoline with Ethanol-Phillips 66
Universal Correction Fluid


Vivid RTU Glass Cleaner


Welding Electrode for SMAW (MG 770)
Windshield Washer Concentrate
Windshield Washer Solvent (HVC)


Zappi AW Hydraulic 32
Zappi AW Hydraulic 68
Zep Deo 3
Zep Stay-A-Way
Zep Super Penetrant
Zep Wasp and Hornet Killer



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