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Welcoming Pittsburgh Advisory Council
Position Description

Close your eyes and picture Pittsburgh as a leading cosmopolitan city.

  • What does it look like?
  • What experiences come to mind that are not yet happening?  
  • How are we building on the assets of our immigrant community?
  • Where are we falling short?
  • How can we elevate the conversation and build a welcoming city?

Just as the immigrant community was vital to the very foundation that makes Pittsburgh what it is today, new Americans will be every bit as valuable to our future.  Mayor Peduto recognizes there are barriers immigrants and refugees experience when setting roots in Pittsburgh and he wants to ensure that we are being as thoughtful, inclusive, and action-oriented as we can to build a better Pittsburgh for all.

If you value diversity as essential to rebuilding communities, spurring innovation, advancing economic development, and enhancing local culture, please submit your bio so that we can get to know you better. (The application specifically asks for a resume but a bio is preferred.) You will also have a few short questions to answer, which will give us a better sense of each prospective appointee. 


We appreciate your taking the time to share your interest with us!  We look forward to learning about your unique perspective and how it will make the Welcoming Pittsburgh Advisory Council a powerhouse on setting initiatives that retain and attract immigrant talent to our city.


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Mayor's Office

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