Mentoring Initiative - Testimonials

"One of the most important things you can do is impact a child's life in a positive way."

-Tamara Davis, Personnel and Finance Supervisor, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and mentor with the Be A Middle School Mentor Program

Be a Middle School Mentor
Everybody Wins! Power Lunch

Be a Middle School Mentor testimonials (from United Way of Allegheny County):

"I love being involved with the United Way of Allegheny County because mentoring a 6th grader has been the most rewarding experience of my entire 57 years...and I have seen a lot!" 

“Have you ever looked at the enormity of all the problems of the world and wished that you could do something that mattered? Well you can! Dial it back to one kid at a time and think about volunteering to be a sixth grade mentor in our own city. It won't always be warm and fuzzy, but the changes you make by showing a kid that you will be there for him or her no matter what make it worthwhile. C'mon--one hour a week--what do you have to lose? You have everything to gain!”

“Two years ago, I signed up to Be a Middle School Mentor because I had an "academic" knowledge that mentoring could make a difference. Now, I know it in my soul that this human connection is so precious. I thought I couldn't make the time, but now I know there's a spring in my step after talking with him about his goals for his life and what generally is happening. I'm grateful to be allowed to watch his development and play a role as a supportive adult friend. I truly don't think there's anything better I could do with my time.”

“This was my first year as a mentor with Be A Middle School Mentor. I can't even explain how much I enjoyed the experience! To see the looks on the kids faces as they waited every week for their mentors to arrive was priceless. My "little" is so smart and so sweet and has BIG goals for her life. I hope, down the road, she'll feel that I helped if even just a little. Friends - BE A MIDDLE SCHOOL MENTOR!”

“The past two year I have been a part of the BAMSM program here in Pittsburgh.  It’s been such a wonderful experience.  Seeing my mentee and sharing time with her during the school year has been one of the highlights of my week.  Not only have I been able to take pleasure in the knowledge that I am helping make a difference in a person’s life, my community and the world, my mentee has also helped make a difference in me!”


Everybody Wins! program testimonials (from Reading is Fundamental Pittsburgh):

Students say:

“I like the people that work with us.  They’re fun because they read with us and take time out of their day.”

“It’s fun!”

“I get to pick out the books and learn new words.”

“I think it’s cool when I read with my Reading Buddy.”

Mentors say:

“…it is the most worthwhile lunch hour of my week.”

“I look forward to my session every week and I really enjoy hearing about my reading buddy’s week and sharing his literary picks!”

“There is no better nourishment to be found during lunch hour than the company of a child and a book.”

Teachers say:

“Students who participated showed great interest in reading overall.”

“This time allows students to enjoy reading and read books not in the curriculum.  It allows for reading to be FUN, not forced.”

“…Paired reading with a stronger reading is the BEST way to improve fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.”

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