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Paramedic Recruitment

Do you want to be a City of Pittsburgh Paramedic?

To find out if the City of Pittsburgh is recruiting for positions in the EMS Bureau, go to the Online Employment Center.

What is a Paramedic?

"Para-" (meaning alongside or with) is descriptive of the role of a paramedic. A paramedic is an extension of physician-directed emergency care by protocol and by radio contact with certified emergency medicine physicians. Thus, this advanced directed care is brought to those needing emergency medical treatment and transportation wherever they may be; their living rooms, the streets, hillsides, waterways and in any hazardous environment.

Pittsburgh paramedics use some of the most advanced technological equipment available anywhere in the world. This equipment includes the latest technologies in cardiac care, trauma life support, rescue, scuba, hazardous materials handling among others. Highly trained paramedics work alongside of their public safety partners, police and fire, every day to fulfill public safety needs. This rewarding and exciting career guarantees no two days will ever be alike.

Paramedic Requirements:
  • Currently certified with a State Paramedic Certification and/or a Nationally Recognized Certification. Applicants must present a Pennsylvania Paramedic Certification prior to appointment.
  • Current, valid Pennsylvania driver's license
  • Become a City of Pittsburgh resident before being appointed to the position
EMT/Paramedic Trainee Program:

The City of Pittsburgh also offers a special program for the position of EMT/Paramedic Trainee. This annual program is geared for diversity and offers a limited number of City residents the opportunity to receive educational training/scholarships.

During training EMT/Paramedic Trainees will be considered full-time, benefited, City of Pittsburgh employees and also receive an hourly salary while attending classes. Upon successful completion of their EMT-P certification, EMT/Paramedic Trainees will transition into full-time City of Pittsburgh Paramedics.

Out-of-state applicants:

Please contact one of the Pennsylvania regional EMS offices to obtain information on receiving Pennsylvania certification.

Certification Training

The following organizations have Paramedic training programs:


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