Workforce Training and Development

The City of Pittsburgh makes access to training and development available for all employees. All 3,400 City of Pittsburgh employees can participate in a variety of learning opportunities, such as searchable reference materials, job aids, and hard and soft skill development.

One of the City of Pittsburgh’s greatest assets is our employees.  We recently introduced a performance management system that includes development goals for employees.  Developmental goals can be linked to both individual performance, professional development, and business objectives.

Employees may also participate in formal workshops and training partnership programs.  The City of Pittsburgh engages in several mandatory development training initiatives that are implemented citywide and required for employees in every department and bureau.

Employee Development Resources include:

  • Training Programs
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Customer Service Training
  • Performance Evaluation Supervisor Training
  • Employee Assistance LifeSolutions Training
  • Domestic Violence Training Program
  • Online Training Programs
  • Train-the-Trainer Initiatives
  • Other Management & Supervisor Training Development Initiatives
  • Employee Development Initiatives
    • Personal Computer Skills Training
    • Microsoft Applications Training ( Beginner, Intermediate, & Advance options)
    • PC Skill Builder Trainings

Partnerships with local Universities provide:

  • Leadership and Development Conferences and Symposiums
    • Staff Development Conference
    • Leadership Symposium
    • Diversity Conference
  • Semester Personal and Professional Development courses
    • Giving Constructive Feedback
    • Techniques For Dealing With Stress
    • Presentation Skills
    • Fostering Team Creativity
    • Presenting with Visual Aids
    • Foundations of Management and Leadership
    • Leading Change
    • Grammar Refresher
    • Mastering Change
    • Punctuation Refresher
    • Influencing Skills

Catalogue and course offerings

  • The Employee Training and Development Office keeps a current database of all development classes, courses, and resources available in every discipline throughout the local and surrounding areas.
  • The City maintains information and relationships with local learning institutions and development programs to benefit employees with unique and specific needs
  • Continue Education Benefits
    In conjunction with our employee Tuition Reimbursement Program, our partnerships with local Colleges and Universities enable City of Pittsburgh employees to pursue continued level of education and advance level degrees.

Other Value-Added Service to Enhance the Skills of Workers

We take training seriously at the City of Pittsburgh as your career is an investment. At  the City of Pittsburgh we think continuous training and professional development helps maintain career value and we are always looking to  provide additional services to employees to further develop and expand their careers.

We continually invest in staff by offering training programs, workshops, and seminarswith the goal, to build and sustain a continuously efficient, effective and highly motivated workforce.

For other training for City of Pittsburgh residents (non-City of Pittsburgh employees), please see the CareerLink website.



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