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Rhonda Nesbit - Personnel & CSC

Rhonda took the time out of her vacation to assist and present for a Saturday orientation in the middle of her vacation/schedule time off. Thanks Rhonda!! – Mark Penny

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:51 am
Amanda Neatrour – Personnel

Congratulations to Amanda for becoming a certified SOGIE trainer. Also, keep up all of the great work that you are doing to continue to make the City a more diverse and inclusive workplace! – Mark Penny

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:50 am
Mark Penney - Personnel & Civil Service Commission

I want to send a shout out to Mark for putting his IT hat on to help me set up and prepare for a training last minute due to a room change that was not quite equipped with the technical features needed to present my training. Thanks Mark for being a man of many trades ;) - Ronda Sherrill

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:50 am
Kim Clark-Baskin, Kate Weiland, Denise Wilson,Christopher Dotson, Ashley Robinson, Louise Criss, Michael Wentz - City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk's Office serves as the Record Keeper for City Council, working alongside nine separate elected offices with varying agendas. The staff creates Agendas and Minutes, schedules and sets up meetings, processes a multitude of legislative and business processes, handles constituent services and engages in historical research. They work with every city department, the media, businesses, and the general public day in and day out. Employees are cross trained to use legislative tracking and video streaming software to make all of our meetings and legislation transparent and accessible to the public, and are well versed and enthusiastic! The staff really is the glue that holds it all together-- so kudos to each of very one of them for their contributions. Mary Beth Doheny, City Clerk – Marybeth Doheny

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:49 am
Omar Pack and 6th Div Crew - 6th Division Public Works

I mentioned to Omar Pack, acting supervisor that because of the high grass and trees near where I park downtown, it posed a safety concern, especially in the early morning when dark.  Omar and the 6th Division crew cut down and removed all weeds and tree limbs to open up and expose that area to deter hazards.  Thanks Omar Pack and the 6th Division of DPW for a job well done! – Shandel Perry

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:49 am
Valarie Jacko – Printing Office

Any and every day Val is ever so accommodating and helpful to City employees. Even under a usual heavy workload, she tries to take and complete your order to your timeline. If she can't, she explains why and then tells you how soon she can complete your job. She's wonderful! Top that off with a very pleasant personality and's just so refreshing to do business Val! – John Tokarski

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:48 am
Sgt. Eric Kroll - Pgh Police Academy

Sgt Kroll invests much of himself, his knowledge and training into his work it's amazing.  In addition to his work with the Police Cadets at the Academy on Washington Blvd., he also provides instruction to residents attending the Citizen's Police Academy and now this year he worked on creating the Student Police Academy that was unveiled at both Brashear and Allederdice HS.  In addition he, along with Community Resource Officers in Zone 4 & 5, he worked on creating "Cops In The Classroom" in which the officers engaged freshmen in Pittsburgh Public Schools with discussions regarding the experiences and relationships of the students with local law enforcement. – John Tokarski

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:48 am
Staff at Phillips Recreation Center - Parks and Recreation

Thank you to everyone at the center for making me feel welcome and helping me with all I needed to learn for my position as a new Rec Leader.  I have the best co-workers and love working at Phillips. – Cynthia Monaco

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:47 am
All EMS and 911 Teams

Employees recently needing medical assistance at work have reported excellent service and support form City EMS and 911 teams.  Keep up the great work - we count on you! – Stephanie Haugan

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:46 am
Joe Hollinger - City Planning, Division of Zoning and Development Review

For many applicants seeking information from the Zoning Division, Joe Hollinger provides excellent customer service, often going above and beyond expectations. His efforts reduce the workload for the rest of the team. Thank you, Joe! – Anne Kramer

posted 8/12/16 @ 8:46 am
Glen Claughton, Department of City Planning

We have been reexamining how we do captioning for the Task Force on Disabilities meetings.  It requires more tech.  Glen has been very helpful both helping us to set it up and educating me about the process.  He has been very available.  We could not have done it without him. - Richard Meritzer

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:44 am
City Cable Team, Department of I&P

David and Alex went above and beyond to assist in the creation of training videos for internal staff.  This was a tedious process that required long shooting periods, and editing to piece together the scripts and films.  Thank you so much for all your hard work on this project!! - Alexis Barone

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:44 am
Stacy Hill, Department of Innovation & Performance

I enjoy working with Stacy as her HR Analyst. I also want to thank Stacy for going above and beyond on an issue and for being so helpful.

Thanks Stacy! - Ronda Sherrill

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:43 am
Veronica Mitchell, Department of Public Works

Congratulations and a Big Shout Out to our Communication Clerk, Veronica Mitchell in the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Environmental Services for receiving her Master's Degree in Arts from Point Park University.  We are very proud of Veronica for accomplishing this Great Achievement in her life, while never missing a beat as a dependable and dedicated employee, daughter, mother, and grandmother; to her department, co-workers and family. - Bill Klimovich

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:42 am
Calli Baker, Department of Public Works

City Planning offices, including the large public hearing room, underwent some interior renovations in the past year. The professionals in DPW's facilities & maintenance divisions made the work as un-disruptive as possible.

Calli Baker did an exceptional job coordinating the general work, including new workstation plans with DPW labor and vendors as needed. John Catone and Michael Washington led the crews with great attention to detail. The accompanying electrical work was managed through Tony Pendleton and his electricians. Supervisor Henry Cafardi coordinated all of these teams while minimizing disruptions to our employees' work flow. - Janice Abate

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:41 am
Todd Siegel and Team, Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Just want to shout out a Thank You to this Department and it's staff.  They have helped me tremendously in updated our AFSCME Union List and addresses, with information on orientations for our new members and are always willing to answer questions.  I do really appreciate your availability and professionalism. - Claudia Smith

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:40 am
Joseph Szymanski, Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Joe has done above and beyond what is asked of him at the Phillips Rec. Center.  He is amazing with the children and the Weight room attendants.  Joe is a joy to have around and he is always a team player.  Thank you Joe, for being as wonderful as you are. - Ebony Randall

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:39 am
Josh Reid, Department of Parks & Recreation

Josh Reid has been a huge part of the successful programming at the Phillips Recreation Center.  He is a hard worker. He built the entire haunted house by himself and never once complained. He has helped out so much with the soccer program and the After School Program.  Most of all, he is making a difference in the lives of all of the children at the Phillips Rec. Center.  Great Job Josh, You Rock!!! - Ebony Randall

posted 5/10/16 @ 11:37 am
Ebony Randall - Department of Parks & Recreation

She does an amazing job at everything she does and she is always 10 steps ahead of the game! –Joshua Reid

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Rhonda Nesbit - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Rhonda went above and beyond to help us when we were here to get information on jobs. She was very insightful and was able to help us very much. You should be proud of hiring some like her to work for our City. THANK YOU!!! – Holly Palmer, Resident of Pittsburgh

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Linda Gigliotti - Bureau of Police

P.O. Linda Gigliotti is the abandoned vehicles officer at Zone 6 but she also does the mail run and assists other police officers at this zone with back up calls. Yet whenever I asked, she always makes the time in spite of her busy schedule to pick up supplies for the abandoned vehicles office and take the boxes of plates back to the state every month.. She never complains either! She also checks out abandoned vehicles requests in a timely and thorough manner when our office gives her requests. This energetic officer has the rare combination of multitasking with a good attitude consisting of team player ability and genuine caring about others. Thus I feel Linda Gigliotti should be acknowledged. –Marie Pastorius

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Roberta Jamison - Department of Public Works

Roberta has been a huge help to 311 since our inception. Although I believe she started her government career in CitiParks, she has utilized her excellent research, customer service and management skills to be a huge asset to Environmental Services. She constantly goes above and beyond to get the job done in a frank but kind and professional manner. Roberta has taught us much about Environmental Services operations and procedures and we are very appreciative of her knowledge and guidance. As a customer service professional it is easy to recognize Roberta's commitment to excellent customer service and the pride she takes in helping our team and our residents. Our city is very lucky to have Roberta as an employee and we cannot tell her enough what a pleasure it is to work with her. –Wendy Urbanic

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
School Guards - Department of Public Safety

This Thanksgiving and throughout this past year, I am so thankful to have the department of dedicated and devoted guards that I have. Several guards have assumed several posts over this past year to help provide coverage and eliminate police coverage throughout the zone - These guards are concerned about their "adopted children" and go above and beyond to make certain that no child is left behind. I'm blessed to have such a caring group of men and women and for that I am very thankful! –Elaine Alter

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Calvin Kennedy - Bureau of Police

Calvin Kennedy is what a police officer should be modeled after. He's kind, caring, compassionate, firm but also fair. He uses his vast years of knowledge and experience to lead younger detectives down the right path and to learn from the mistakes he made in the past. Above all else he is dedicated to the safety of the citizens and pours his whole heart into the work. –Andrew Baker

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Department of Innovation & Performance

Thank you to the Department of Innovation & Performance for hosting the Law Department during our asbestos removal!  We felt very welcomed! -Lourdes Sanchez-Ridge

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Warehouse Staff - Department of Public Works

They are extremely accommodating to any event request. If they can make it happen they will. We at BIG are impressed by their dedication and inspired to do a job well and be proud of it. –Michelle Aul

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Michelle Aul - Department of Parks & Recreation

Michelle dedicates her life to the BIG League program and the communities and kids that we serve. Her enthusiasm and pride in her work is unsurpassed. Her tireless work as a union representative is to be commended as well.  I have watched her evolve into the exemplary person and employee that should be held up as an example for us all in Citiparks. –Joe DeFeo

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Environmental Services Administration Team - Department of Public Works

311 thanks you for your superior customer service and appreciates everything you do! You rock!! –Wendy Urbanic

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Timothy Deary - Bureau of Police
Timothy is an excellent team player and he has a lot of knowledge on day to day operations. He is always willing to help other Officers with reports.  Timothy is overlooked by for his outstanding work and justly deserves a shout out.  Thanks!  -Steven Schueler M.P.O. #3437
posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Ronald Hudson - Department of Finance

Ron is always willing to help anyone in the department, is integral to the daily operations, is always nice to the taxpayers and coworkers and works hard to achieve his daily work. –Robert Zilch

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Roberta Jones - Department of Parks & Recreation

Thank you for Training me I hope to live up to your expectations! –Keith McBroom

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Chris Bashur - Department of Parks & Recreation
  • Chris deserves this shout out because of his dedication to each and every event he plays a roll in. Most noteworthy event was the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony which, he was lead coordinator on. The ceremony went off without any glitches and was one of the most well attended in years. –Lindsey van der Veer
  • Chris Bashur is a hard worker, and always gives 110%. He is always there when you call on him, and turns every event into a great event! Without Chris; a lot of things wouldn't be possible, and he brings light to any situation. Well done! –Jon Furman
  • Chris Bashur is one of Citiparks’ Program Coordinators and handles city-wide special events such as Cinema in the Park, Valentines on Ice and the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - just to name a few! Each and every event is planned and executed flawlessly and it is because of Mr. Bashur's attention to details, dedication and hard work. These events attract thousands of Pittsburghers each season and we couldn't do it without you, Chris! –Megan Flohr
posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Dan Stephens - Department of Parks & Recreation

Dan Stephens a.k.a BIG UNC deserves more than just a shout out but he deserves the world. This man has raised so many youth in our community; he is a perfect role model for any man. He always does his job to the best of his ability. Big Unc never allowed us to be disrespectful he always told us when we were wrong and praised us when we were right. He supports the work in the community and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty! He's a leader and a hardworking man, an elder I was blessed to have in my life growing up at Warrington Rec and later down the line working with. Shout out to BIG UNC! –Kelli Organ

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Mike Salem - Department of Public Works

He is a great boss.  He works constantly never takes a break. He always is very helpful to all of his employees and is very patient with the public.  He is an asset to the City Of Pittsburgh.  We could use more like Mike!!!!!! –Diane Albring

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Paul Sinclair - Department of Innovation & Performance

Paul got my MS Office working, and he is always there when I need help. –Joan Anderson

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Tom Jozefczyk - Department of Innovation & Performance

He is always there to answer my questions with a smiling face. I really appreciate all of you help, Tom! –Joan Anderson

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Joe Motznik - Department of Permits, Licenses, & Inspections

Inspector Motznik has gone over and above by taking on an extra work load to help the Department during a time of need while suffering from a shortage of Inspectors, and with his help of training the new inspectors both in the office and field training while doing his own training to get the necessary certifications to further his own career with a recent promotion from Senior Inspector to Combination Inspector. He has done all this while maintaining his own work load at a top level and being an exemplary role model to the other Inspectors. –William Kelley

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Wendy Urbanic - Department of Innovation & Performance, 311

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to the 311 system. Councilwoman Darlene Harris and her Staff are grateful to have you. Thanks Wendy! –Chelsey Berry

posted 1/28/16 @ 12:00 am
Kathy Rudolph - Department of Parks & Recreation

I would like to recognize Kathy Rudolph from the Citiparks Brookline Recreation Center.  Kathy has been with the Dept. of Parks & Recreation for 5 years.  In June 2015, she was promoted to full-time which she really deserves. She is a good worker, as well as a great role model / mentor for the children.  She helps run the Soccer programs (both summer & winter) which has expanded a few years ago and is a hugh success.   Her creative talents have her in charge of Brookiine Rec’s new Quilting Class. She even won a ribbon for her entry in the 2015 City Artworks Show.  She is energetic and enjoys being the instructor / teacher at the Walk Fit Exercise class for both ladies and men, which runs in the fall, winter and spring.  She is very positive as well as humorous (tells a joke after a work-out).  She is big part of the Easter Bunny Breakfast – great with kids all ages.  She works the car cruises and Cinemas in the park, just to mention some of the activities / programs  that she is involved with.  We are truly bessed to have Kathy on staff with Citiparks.

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:22 am
Reginald Berry, Kayla Lowden, Leroy Mabins, Monique Foray, and Raihan Izimbetova - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Pittsburgh Partnership

After a two week vacation, I was sure I would return to a backlog of work. Upon return I saw that it had been the busiest two weeks this program year! Not only did I return to a smooth first week back, but i quickly found out that every case manager here helped out. And they all helped a LOT.  More importantly, they gave 110% to my clients! I was absolutely blown away. I am so thankful to have the team of Case Managers that I work with every day. And whether they know it or not, our clients are incredibly lucky to have this team of Case Managers! You guys are awesome!

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:22 am
Monique Simpson-Foray - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Pittsburgh Partnership

Monique is a retention case manager for the Pittsburgh Partner Reset Program. Once a month this department holds a meet and greet for their clients. These retention workshops serve several purposes. Clients get to know their case managers, are fed dinner, are provided childcare for the session and given information on many services that are available. In September, Monique themed the workshop as a recipe swap.  Clients were encouraged to cook for their families with recipes that are quick, easy, healthy and affordable considering income level etc. A door prize, carefully chosen for this theme was awarded. The turnout was wonderful and the clients thoroughly enjoyed the event. Kudos to Monique for making the event a success!!! You are appreciated.

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:21 am
Charles Showers - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

We enroll a number of inters who need to be processed.  Charles showers is always helpful, pleasant and efficient.  There have been times when others could not help us, but he knew exactly what to do.

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:21 am
Pam Vogel – Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Happy New Anniversary! We are glad to have you back with the City! – Megan Yarish

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:20 am
Joyce Lee – Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Pittsburgh Partnership

I would like to recognize Joyce Lee, Data Specialist in the EARN program, Department of Personnel, Pittsburgh Partnership for a job well done with the April/May/June ACR Samples and the June Monthly Program Performance & Validation Samples. Each month we receive Program Performance Sample requests for the EARN Program from the State Department. We are required to provide specific documentation hoping to secure program related performance payment(s). This week was truly an exception with Joyce gathering all of the necessary documents from the Case Managers. She then compiles and reviews documents collected to verify if all applicable benchmarks were met. If additional documentation is needed she stops what she is doing to get it. This information is reviewed again for accuracy before it is uploaded into the Department of Human Service’s database for validation payment (s). She provides great assistance and works very hard to meet deadlines. I set a deadline of 3 days before the State’s deadline. She had everything ready for me to review a day before my deadline. Way to go Joyce! Kudo’s for a job well done! - Darlene Lane

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:20 am
Benefits Team - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission: LaVonne Shannon, Jamie Warnock, Molly Byrnes, & Charisse Smith

Thanks to the Benefits team for another great round of wellness fairs this year! The team takes the fair on the road to various locations (making it easier for off-site employees to attend). They really put in a lot of time and effort to pull off such a great event. The Benefits team really does wonderful work for the City employees! Thanks for all that you do!! – Mark Penney

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:19 am
Ronda Tayon & Janelle Smith – Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

To the City's newer HR Analysts, Ronda & Lauren - WELCOME! We're happy to have you both! Thanks for jumping in feet first and being part of the team! – Mark Penney

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:19 am
Kathy Rudolph – Department of Parks & Recreation, Brookline Recreation Center

I would like to recognize Kathy Rudolph from the Citiparks Brookline Recreation Center. Kathy has been with the Dept. of Parks & Recreation for 5 years. In June 2015, she was promoted to full-time which she really deserves. She is a good worker, as well as a great role model / mentor for the children. She helps run the Soccer programs (both summer & winter) which has expanded a few years ago and is a huge success. Her creative talents have her in charge of Brookiine Rec’s new Quilting Class. She even won a ribbon for her entry in the 2015 City Artworks Show. She is energetic and enjoys being the instructor / teacher at the Walk Fit Exercise class for both ladies and men, which runs in the fall, winter and spring. She is very positive as well as humorous (tells a joke after a work-out). She is big part of the Easter Bunny Breakfast – great with kids all ages. She works the car cruises and Cinemas in the park, just to mention some of the activities / programs that she is involved with. We are truly blessed to have Kathy on staff with Citiparks. –Joanne Haduch

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:18 am
Claudia Smith – Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Police

One of our jobs is to read and code police reports before they are entered into the database. When I code a folder of reports and ask Claudia to do so, she graciously reviews the coding I have done to make sure it is correct. Anytime I have a question she is available to answer it and does so without complaint.

I want to say thank you to Claudia for taking the time out to help and teach me. –Brenda White

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:18 am
Lisa Abrams – Department of Finance

End of season tax payments we were short one regular staff person and our supervisor is currently out sick. Lisa arrived early and showed me the ropes so that we wouldn't fall behind with expedited payments late payment etc. she went out of her way for our department. – Patrice McNeely

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:17 am
Marsha Lash – Department of Finance

I have been here as a cashier and she has been more than helpful showing me what is expected and taking initiative to take my career here at the city to the next level. THANK YOU!! – Patrice McNeely

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:17 am
Frederika Greenwood – Department of Innovation & Performance

On July 21, 2015, The Equal Opportunity Review Commission staff was scheduled to have a training webinar. The contact person on
their end was busy and didn't have anything set up.  Our manager, Rick Williams contacted another person at the company and Fredericka set up an email training with the information obtained by Rick and had our training through email and phone line to set up to review our program software. Thank you Fredericka for your outstanding effort with a smile. – Kevin Pugh

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:16 am
Meredith Grey – Department of City Planning, Division of Strategic Planning

This summer with high school and college students coming and going, the department vehicle often on the fritz, and meetings,
meetings and more meetings, Meredith had our backs. She made sure we had meeting rooms and reminded us if we had not reserved
one. She checked to make sure we had a vehicle when we needed one. And she helped the interns with the equipment. In a very hectic summer she made it bearable. – Richard Meritzer

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:15 am
Charisse Smith – Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Charisse goes above and beyond in planning and implementing various health events. From the Weight Watchers at Work, the Weight Loss Challenge events, having speakers relating to getting healthy and many of the other "get healthy" City Fit activities. She is a very personable woman and gets to know all participants by their name, which is always a kind gesture! Brings great programs in for employees who wish to take advantage of them. – Marsha Lash

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:14 am
Sarah Kinter – Commission on Human Relations

Sarah has been doing a remarkable job at Interim Director for our Department. I just wanted to say," what a great job" she is doing. – Cheryl San Miron

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:14 am
Jackie Balzer – Department of Public Works, Bureau of Environmental Services

Jackie is one of the stalwarts that makes payroll work. She really knows her stuff and is always a pleasure to work with. –Courtney Smith

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:13 am
Diane Morgan - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Diane was very instrumental in planning this year's Payroll Fair.  We lost a lot of our contacts due to them moving on to other employment.  Diane personally called each institution and secured four of the six vendors as participants in the fair.  She has displayed nothing but enthusiasm and eagerness for this year's event and it was a pleasure working with her.  - Tara Pendleton

posted 11/10/15 @ 11:12 am
Officer Michael Lafferty – Bureau of Police
It was reported to the Office of Community Affairs that Officer Lafferty stopped on his way home from his shift to assist a resident with a flat tire. The residents he assisted called to say thank you, and were very impressed that officer Lafferty took the time to be of assistance even though he wasn't "on the clock". The residents found officer Lafferty to be professional, kind, and overall a wonderful representative of the City of Pittsburgh's Police Bureau. – Sally Stadelman
posted 8/24/15 @ 9:06 am
Rachel Salem – Department of City Planning

Rachel joined City Planning late last year during an especially hectic transitional time for the Zoning Office. She quickly demonstrated her willingness to learn-on-the-fly and provides much needed support to the other hardworking Zoning staff. She regularly goes above and beyond to manage her heavy workload, field a large volume of public inquiries, and schedule numerous project meetings. In addition, Rachel doesn't hesitate to think about and share potential ways to improve efficiency.

Thank you, Rachel, for all of your efforts! – Janice Abate

posted 8/21/15 @ 10:00 am
Jim (Chris) Reveille – Department of Personnel, Pittsburgh Partnership

As an Information Systems Programmer, Jim (Chris technically, though few us refer to him as such) was a longtime Personnel/Pittsburgh Partnership Team member for about a decade, when an internal restructuring landed him within department of Innovation and Performance (I&P) - then known as CIS. And even though CIS/I&P benefited from Jim's programming knowledge, excellent customer service and hard work, we within the Partnership struggled to manage our myriad of databases and systems without his full-time attention and support.
When a position opened up for Jim to apply and return to his departmental "home," he seized the opportunity and fortunately for us, was brought back on-board within the Personnel/Pittsburgh Partnership.
Jim's efforts to support our program areas and each Team member within the Partnership is quantifiable I suppose, but it's actually so much more than that. His willingness to assist everyone is unsurpassed, and efforts to explain what is fairly technical info to those of us who are more technically "challenged" reaps huge benefits in the Team's work quality, efficiency and overall productivity. I think I speak for the whole of the Department when I say that we'd be mostly lost without the assistance and guidance of Jim. Thanks Jimmy!!!! – Ross Chapmanb

posted 8/20/15 @ 10:05 am
Tara Pendleton – Department of Personnel, Payroll

We could not process the last payroll due to the Ceridian system correction issues. Tara and Courtney worked through the connectivity, stayed late, and ensured the pay for the City was run and verified. GREAT JOB!! – Todd Siegel

posted 8/19/15 @ 10:09 am
Courtney Smith – Department of Personnel, Payroll

We could not process the last payroll due to the Ceridian system correction issues. Tara and Courtney worked through the connectivity. stayed late, and ensured the pay for the City was run and verified. GREAT JOB!! – Todd Siegel

posted 8/18/15 @ 10:20 am
Communications Team – Department of Innovation & Performance David Finer, Alex Fisher, Jason Chiappino, Cristy Halerz Schmidt, and Liz Barentine

I wanted to recognize the Communications team, under the supervision of David Finer, for all of the fantastic videos that they have produced for the CityU program since the beginning of the year./
This team's work has helped to promote CityU programming, and allows employees unable to attend live professional development classes the opportunity to view recorded sessions, stored on the CityU intranet page, at a time convenient for them. What an invaluable resource for the CityU program and our employees.
The latest video production covered the CityU Education Fair held in the City-County Building Lobby on June 9th. Again, every City employee didn't have the chance to come to the fair, but all have an opportunity to watch a short video on the intranet and to learn about the education discounts offered through our Education Partners.
Thank you all for the professionalism, expertise and dedication you bring to every project. I look forward to many more collaborations!  - Pam Vogel

posted 8/17/15 @ 10:22 am
Brian Lee – Department of Innovation & Performance

Brian really saved the day during the visit we had from China's Vice Premier, Liu Yandong. There were a number of technical issues that he saw through until moments before her arrival, and things would have been disastrous without his help. Thanks, Brian! You're so awesome that the vocabulary to accurately and sufficiently describe the magnitude at which your awesome lies does not exist! Keep it up! – Lana Redmond

posted 8/16/15 @ 10:27 am
Laurie Dierker – Mayor's Office

Thank you Laurie for welcoming me with open arms and showing me the ropes. You have been a joy to work with and I could not have done my job without you. I will miss you lots but I am forever grateful for our life long lasting friendship. Not everyone is so lucky to have a coworker like you. – Alison Holtzman

posted 8/15/15 @ 10:29 am
Phyllis DiDiano – Bureau of Police

Last week our dept lost access to internet and the network. I worked the next shift & I was frustrated that I was unable to print anything. It was close to the end of her workday, but Phyllis assisted me with getting back into my printer. Not only did she give me verbal advice, but she actually gave hands-on assistance. She is patient and considerate as well to everyone in the office. –Susan Opferman

posted 8/14/15 @ 10:33 am
Pam Knight & Gerald Ackrie – Department of Parks & Recreation

I know that it's their job and they must do it but They are going above and beyond with our summer camp, I can honestly say that without them our camp would not be successful...So I say THANK YOU!!!! – Weston White

posted 8/13/15 @ 10:36 am
Joe Defeo – Department of Parks & Recreation

Joe saved the day at Ormsby. He took his own time and added infield clay to Ormsby's field on the day of The South Side Community festival, June 13th, 2015. By doing this the field was able to be used for the festival's day events. – Michelle Underwood

posted 8/12/15 @ 10:39 am
Dana Deresh – Department of City Planning

She always helps keep my accounts in order and answers all my questions. And she works well with the interns. –Richard Meritzer

posted 8/11/15 @ 10:41 am
Calli Baker – Department of Public Works

From the first day I started in Public Works in November 2014 and even to this day, Calli Baker has made a great impression on me. She helped with the designs and renovations in DPW, stayed late and worked weekends to get it done. She takes initiative to help everyone, finds solutions to problems, very well organized, and always on top of everything. If there is something that she doesn’t have an answer for, she will do her best to figure it out. She is smart and can concur anything that she puts her mind to. We can always depend on her in our office and others can depend on her too throughout the city. Calli tries to learn all she can. She is a mentor and true rule model. She is always giving a helpful hand(s), besides being a team player, great worker and very talented. We are so fortunate to have her in the City of Pittsburgh, Public Works, Architecture Bureau. -Joanne Haduch

posted 8/10/15 @ 10:44 am
Naomi Johnson – Mayor's Office, 311

Naomi always finds a way to go above and beyond to make all of the employees in the office happy. She is always there when you need a helping hand, whether it is for help with routing a request or just someone to talk to about your bad day. It is nice to have someone as special as her to be our assistant supervisor! Thank you Na for all that you do! – Corrine Valentine

posted 8/09/15 @ 10:47 am
Liz Barentine – Department of Innovation & Performance

Liz helped the servePGH office complete a series of interviews of AmeriCorps VISTA servePGH alum for a video celebrating the servePGH office's 4th birthday. Liz was kind, flexible, and innovative - especially with video editing - and her work was essential to the project's success! Thank you, Liz! –Gina Gowins

posted 8/08/15 @ 11:35 am
Paula Kellerman, Charlene Holder, Nadia Schweizer – Department of Personnel

Paula, Nadia, and Char, worked endlessly to organize the test for 1,400 Police Officer Recruit Applicants. They came in early, stayed late, organized documents, emailed, and spoke with the applicants throughout the entire process all while managing there normal workload. Char was also processing a fire recruit class. The ladies had to coordinate with multiple different City Departments and outside agencies to ensure everything ran smoothly. They maintained an upbeat positive attitude the whole time. I have a greater appreciation for the Personnel Analysts, especially them, after seeing all the work that goes into employment for the City of Pittsburgh. They definitely deserve a shout out for a job well done!! – Alaina Emery

posted 8/07/15 @ 11:37 am
Curt Conrad – City Council

Curt Conrad, Chief of Staff to City Councilman Corey O'Connor, recently celebrated his one-year anniversary as a City of Pittsburgh employee. In a short amount of time, he's moved from the office's Constituent Services Coordinator to the Chief of Staff. His success as a such a strong part of the D5 team is due in no small part to his enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to help both community members and his coworkers.
He is well known among the District's many community groups, regularly serving as a representative for Councilman O'Connor. While out with community members, no problem is too small for him to address, and no constituent unworthy of our office's full time and energy.
He sets an excellent standard for office conduct and commitment to the betterment of the qualify of life for the residents of District 5's neighborhoods (not to mention how to dress sharply). – Matt Singer

posted 8/06/15 @ 11:40 am
Administrative Team: Stacy Hill, Debra Christian, Mimi Addy, & Lana Redmond – Department of Innovation & Performance

The I&P admin team are some of the most efficient people you'll ever work with. They're always on top of things and do a great job not only for I&P but for the entire City. We're one of the departments that touch all City operations in some way and they take it in stride keeping everything running smoothly. – Aftyn Giles

posted 8/05/15 @ 12:03 pm
Erm Buccina – Office of Management & Budget

Erm has worked as a fleet maintenance administrator his entire career with the City. Since I transitioned to the City garage 4 months ago, he has been nothing but helpful and proves every day to be an integral part of this crucial function of the City. He shows respect to every person that walks through our doors, be it a manager, truck driver, police officer, or director; and in-turn, he is extremely well respected by all. Thanks for everything Erm. Keep up the great work! – Chuck O’Neill

posted 8/04/15 @ 12:05 pm
Valerie Jacko – Innovation & Performance, Print Shop

Valerie runs the print shop with great attention to detail. Three or four machines will be running because she is the lone employee in the print shop. No matter how tough the task is, Valerie always completes it. She is always willing to stay longer hours to complete the numerous "rush jobs" she receives. While completing the work, she always has a smile on her face! – Ryan Lalle

posted 8/03/15 @ 12:09 pm
Erin Bruni – Office of Municipal Investigations

Erin goes over and beyond her duties in assisting this office. Erin continually strives for the betterment of not only herself but others in the community. She is a mentory with the City of Pittsburgh, works the Cops 'N' Kids Summer Camps annually, and always remains with an infectious, positive spirit while performing her duties. – Dea Leftwich-Mabins

posted 8/02/15 @ 12:12 pm
Daniel Friedson – Department of Law

I would like to note that Daniel is incredibly well informed, thoughtful, considers the full scope and context of the questions and issues we pose, and his responses are both thorough and swift. Great to have him here! – Ray Gastil

posted 8/01/15 @ 2:08 pm
Rhonda Nesbit – Department of Personnel

I spent approximately 5 hours trying to sign up for the Battalion Cheif exam on my computer at home with no success. Rhonda helped me in person at the Civil Service office and I was registered for the test within five minutes. She was very friendly, efficient, and personable and she should be highly commended. – Glenn Gasiorowski

posted 7/31/15 @ 2:11 pm
Smyth Welton - Innovation & Performance

Smitty worked very closely with me on our joinpghpolice website project for our active Police Officer recruit initiative. Smitty was very helpful in working with our team in making updates and continues to be helpful in making any needed updates. Smitty went above and beyond in providing us with a tracking tool so that we can monitor web traffic. We really enjoyed working with Smitty (and all of the I&P folks) on this project and we really appreciate the professionalism we were very impressed with the final product! Thank you Smitty for helping us take this from a vision to an actual website! -Mark Penny

posted 7/30/15 @ 2:14 pm
Webmaster Team: Sylvia Harris, David Finer, Smitty Welton, Eric Miazga, Dee Jones, & Ryan Praskovich - Innovation & Performance

The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team wants to give a "Shout Out" the Webmaster Team for all of their help with our recent project to create our joinpghpolice website! Thank you for all of your hard work on helping us with this initiative! Your quality work and professionalism was appreciated! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/29/15 @ 2:16 pm
Jenna Vidic - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Jenna is currently an intern with our team and she has been very valuable in our recruitment efforts. Jenna has been working very hard on implementing our social media approach with our Police Officer recruit and also assisted in developing content for our joinpghpolice recruitment website. Jenna's tweets, facebook and instagram posts are very engaging! We are happy to have her on board with us during her internship. Her work ethic and creativity are impressive! Thanks Jenna!! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/28/15 @ 2:19 pm
Editor/Videographer Team: David Finer, Liz Barentine, Alex Fisher, Cristy Halerz Schmidt - Innovation & Performance

The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team wants to give a "Shout Out" the Editor/Videographer Team for all of their help with our recent project to create Police Officer recruitment videos for our joinpghpolice website! David and his team put together a fantastic final product which we are very proud to use for recruiting. Their services and help were valuable. We can't wait to work with them again. Thank you for lending your expertise and for your hard work on helping us with this initiative! Your quality work and professionalism was appreciated! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/27/15 @ 2:21 pm
Commander Jennifer Ford - Public Safety, Bureau of Police

Commander Ford was very helpful and instrumental in helping our team accomplish our Police Officer recruit video shoot initiative as well as help us with content for our joinpghpolice recruitment website. We appreciate the time that the Commander was able to take from her busy schedule to help us with these important initiatives. We appreciate all of the help and hard work! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/27/15 @ 2:20 pm
Sonya Toler - Public Safety Administration

Sonya has been a big help with us during our Police Officer recruitment. She has helped us with our vision for our website and our video initiative. For the video initiative, she took the time out of her busy schedule, after having a busy night with some Police and Fire calls, and was able to help us shoot our videos with our officers. We really appreciate the time that she has takes to help us with this important initiative! Thanks Sonya! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/26/15 @ 2:41 pm
Officer Keith Miles - Public Safety/ Bureau of Police

Officer Keith Miles took the time to assist us in our recruitment effort to speak to why he is proud to be a Pittsburgh Police Officer. We appreciate the time that he took to participate in this effort and share his story and unique experience. Officer Miles also assists the Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission by joining the PCSC Analysts at job fairs to speak with interested Police Officer candidates. We value the insight and professionalism that he shares with these candidates. Thank you Officer Miles! We are proud of your service! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/25/15 @ 2:43 pm
Officer Amber Carruba - Public Safety/ Bureau of Police

Officer Amber Carruba took the time to assist us in our recruitment effort to speak to why she is proud to be a Pittsburgh Police Officer. We appreciate the time that she took to participate in this effort and share her story and unique experience. Thank you Officer Carruba! We are proud of your service! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/24/15 @ 2:42 pm
Detective Christine Williams - Public Safety/ Bureau of Police

Detective Christine Williams took the time to assist us in our recruitment effort to speak to why she is proud to be a Pittsburgh Police Detective. We appreciate the time that she took to participate in this effort and share her story and unique experience. Thank you Detective Williams! We are proud of your service! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/23/15 @ 2:47 pm
Officer David Tritinger - Public Safety/ Bureau of Police

Officer David Tritinger took the time to assist us in our recruitment effort to speak to why he is proud to be a Pittsburgh Police Officer. We appreciate the time that he took to participate in this effort and share his story and unique experience. Thank you Officer Tritinger! We are proud of your service as an officer and your service in the US Military! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/22/15 @ 2:48 pm
Janice Abate - City Planning

I have worked with Janice in a previous job function and now closely in a current role here in the City. Each time, Janice has always demonstrated her strong work ethic in that she goes above and beyond in her job on a daily basis. Janice's current department has undergone a lot of staffing updates and Janice has been a huge help in implementing these updates. She has gone above and beyond and has been very organized and kept everything on track. Janice works very hard and it is truly a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Janice!!! - Mark Penney

posted 7/22/15 @ 2:41 pm
Joe Gerstbrein -Innovation & Performance

Joe deserves a shout out for his persistence in solving a problem with the JDE Financial System and returning to my computer at least six or seven times after researching and consulting with co-workers. He did not give up and finally solved the problem. He was also very patient while I asked unrelated questions each time he returned to my office and educated me on some computer -printer functions so that I could solve some problems on my own and not have to constantly call the help desk. I am very grateful to him for his willingness to go above and beyond!! Thank you, Joe!! - Sarah O'Malley

posted 7/21/15 @ 2:53 pm
Pam Vogel - Personnel and Civil Service Commission

In addition to developing great training programs, Pam always volunteers to lead any efforts in our department that benefit our employees, even the not so gratifying ones. Welcome back Pam and thanks for all you do! - Michele Burch

posted 7/20/15 @ 2:55 pm
Christopher Lin - Personnel and Civil Service Commission

Christopher Lin's latest achievement is acceptance to the Civic Leadership Academy. Participation in the Academy is very competitive and they only select ~20 participants per class. The City of Pittsburgh is fortunate to have such a bright, young, promising individual committed to its future and success. Way to go Chris! - Michele Burch

posted 7/19/15 @ 2:58 pm
Alaina Emery - Personnel and Civil Service Commission

Alaina was one of our main instrumental employees behind the planning of the 2015 “Take Our Kids to Work” events here at the City. Within our department, Alaina also did so many wonderful things for the children to keep them engaged and to help them learn about the Personnel & CSC department as well as our local government. She put a lot of great ideas and work into this event. Alaina most definitely deserves a great big shout out for all of her hard work for this event… it was definitely noticed and appreciated! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/17/15 @ 2:59 pm
Raina Lewis - Department of Public Safety/Bureau of Emergency Medical Services

Raina has been attending our recruitment events on behalf of EMS. Raina has been a wonderful. She is an excellent, professional representation. She was a great help with the Teen Job & Career fair. She was able to give information to teens on the paramedic career. For our other recruitment events, Raina has been a very valuable recruitment partner. Thank you Raina! - The Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission, Employment Team

posted 7/17/15 @ 2:01 pm
Sally Stadelman - Mayor's Office / Community Affairs

Sally arrives to the office every morning with a positive, can do attitude. She has a very difficult job, taking constituent calls and dealing directly with the public. The issues she deals with range from disability benefits, to pot holes, to neighbor hood blight, to community dog park issues. Sally maintains a professional and sympathetic tone, and gives everyone equal attention and respect. I have on multiple occasions had Pittsburgh residents come to the office or call to tell the Mayor and her supervisor what a great job she does. -Amanda Lewis

posted 7/16/15 @ 3:04 pm
Pat Rodgers - Office of Management & Budget

For 36 YEARS OF SERVICE! -Edward Pikula

posted 7/15/15 @ 3:06 pm
Michael Homa - Department of City Planning

For doing such great work -Darin Palilla

posted 7/14/15 @ 3:07 pm
Roberta Jones - Department of Parks & Recreation / Senior Interests

Thanks for sharing your time and your talents with me. Your efforts have prepared me well for my new assignment at Sheraden! -Noreen O'Malley

posted 7/13/15 @ 3:09 pm
Louann Horan - Department of Parks & Recreation / Administration

I would like to nominate our Fiscal Supervisor Louann Horan for all that she does for the Parks Department. Louann was Acting Director over the Department from 2013 to 2014 and did an exceptional job filling in until the new Director was trained and installed. Louann handles all of the personnel paperwork for the department which during our busy season can mean juggling over 400 employees and applications. And she also handles all of the financial aspects of the Parks Budget and Capital Budgets. Through all of the work she does, she still manages to be the most thoughtful, caring, and supportive staffer of the Parks and Recreation Department and I can't think of anyone better to earn a shout out! -Debra Gibson

posted 7/12/15 @ 3:11 pm
Mark Stem - Department of Public Works / Bridge Division

Mark helps ANYONE research archived material. He saves hours for people with his ability to recall and locate drawings or other documents. Mark will drop whatever he's doing to help anyone by either finding what they need, or setting them in the right direction. -Gino Dinardo

posted 7/11/15 @ 3:13 pm
Denise Wilson - City Clerk's Office

Denise works the front desk of the City Council/Clerk's Offices and is always so happy and upbeat in saying hello and wishing everyone a great day/night. Seeing her in the morning or afternoon always brightens my day, she's a wonderful asset to the positive culture of the department. -John Kerr

posted 7/10/15 @ 3:15 pm
Jon Coyne - Department of Parks & Recreation / Recreation

He is a hard worker and goes above and beyond all that needs done or improved. He is liked by so many and respected by so many.. He recently was transferred from Magee Recreation Center to Brookline.. He never complains. He does his job 110% all of the time. -Kristin Coyne

posted 7/09/15 @ 3:17 pm
Megan Yarish - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Megan deserves a shout out for her constant professionalism and persistence in completing all of the assignments she is given by the Director. Her organizational skills and attention to detail have been invaluable in the process of working with the Controllers office to have our invoices paid in a timely manner-- especially with the extremely busy end of year deadlines. I am very appreciative of all of her hard work not to mention her sense of humor. It is a pleasure working with her. Thanks Megan!! -Sarah O'Malley

posted 7/07/15 @ 3:22 pm
Marcus Jester - Controller's Office

Marc not only does his job well, he always goes above and beyond to ensure that I am clear on JDE practices; that we have what we need, and works to make changes immediately. Additionally, I never feel that I am causing a burden to his time or workload and he is pleasant to work with each and every time I need something. The City is lucky to have such a dedicated, agreeable employee representing them. -Claire Mastroberardino

posted 7/06/15 @ 3:24 pm
Ryan Lalle - Office of Management & Budget

For remaining amazingly pleasant at all times. He encourages everyone that he speaks with and makes them feel at ease. That is a true gift in the workplace and he is an asset to our workforce. -Latrenda Leonard

posted 7/05/15 @ 3:26 pm
Mike Salem - Department of Public Works/Permits

I want to commend Mike Salem for going above and beyond his job duties. He not only accepts new tasks gracefully, but he also pays attention to details and recommends changes for the better. Mike easily shares his knowledge of permit functions, enforces City regulations and promptly answers questions from colleagues as well as the general public. I am grateful that he is part of the DPW Permits team. -Marcelle Newman

posted 7/04/15 @ 3:27 pm
Janelle Smith - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission/Pittsburgh Partnership

The EARN program, operated under the Dept. of Human Services, works to enhance the lives of it's participants by assisting them in developing job search skills / job readiness, and secure and maintain gainful employment. Janelle Smith, working as one of seven Case Managers, services hundreds of clients each year to this end.

Due to the EARN program's rules and regulations, it is necessary that each client's records/files be retained and securely stored for a minimum of 7 years, obviously resulting in a wealth of paperwork - literally tons of it. Recently, it was necessary that we order 20 new file cabinets in which to house some of these records, and Janelle, once again, spearheaded the efforts to coordinate the laborious task of sorting, cataloging and filing these records - with the assistance of the other Case Managers/Team Members.

This was no easy task and required that Janelle juggle her client appointments and other duties to be able to get this additional work accomplished. The fact that she volunteered to coordinate these efforts, knowing that it would impact her daily workload, speaks volumes to her willingness to go Above and Beyond! I think Janelle deserves a HUGE Shout Out!! Thank you, Janelle!!! -Ross Chapman

posted 7/03/15 @ 3:30 pm
Brett Pintado - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission

Brett Pintado is a wonderful part of our PCSC team! There are many instances where Brett has gone “Above & Beyond”. Brett has a remarkable outlook, a very pleasant manner, and is a great team player. He interacts in a friendly and professional manner with our external customers and the internal team. You can always count on Brett to help out when needed... he is always ready to pitch in with no hesitation at all, a smile on his face, and a witty joke at times also (he’s a retired comedian). He is most definitely a shining example of the personable people in Personnel. We're lucky to know him and have him on-board! -Mark Penny

posted 7/02/15 @ 3:35 pm
Lavonne Shannon - Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission/Benefits

Lavonne has dealt with numerous calls and complaints the past week dealing with employees heath care issues. She is calm and polite and has gone above and beyond her duties to ensure employees health care issues have been resolved. Dealing with employees who are upset about their health care is not easy but Lavonne has a calming effect on you and ensures you the problem will be resolve. Thank you Lavonne for your service to our employees. -Margaret Lanier

posted 7/02/15 @ 3:35 pm
Valerie McDonald-Roberts / Equal Opportunity Review Commission

Thank you for your expertise in helping get our projects passed by the EORC.  Your talents are invaluable! -Todd Siegel


posted 7/01/15 @ 3:37 pm


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