Mechanical Device License

When You Need a Mechanical Amusement Devices License

Anyone who sets up or establishes a mechanical or electronic device for amusement and profit must obtain a license from the License Officer.

How to Obtain a Mechanical Amusement Devices License

  • Download and complete the License Application
  • Valid commercial occupancy for the business where the machines are located. You can search for current Certificates of Occupancy here.
  • City of Pittsburgh Tax Compliance: A letter or notice from the Department of Finance providing a tax ID to any legal entity in the City of Pittsburgh doing business. The Tax Compliance letter states that the applicant legal entity is current and in compliance with all applicable tax obligations to the City of Pittsburgh. The tax compliance letter must have been generated within the past twelve months to be accepted by PLI. 
  • A picture of mechanical device. 

Once the new application is processed, an inspection will be scheduled, after which, the license can be issued to the applicant. License renewal inspections occur as part of the departmental maintenance schedule.

2018 Fee Schedule

2018 Fee Schedule

Note once a permit or license has been issued, refunds are not provided.