Bed and Breakfast License

Anyone who owns or operates a bed and breakfast establishment within the City of Pittsburgh must obtain a license from the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections.

How to Get a Bed and Breakfast License

1) Download and complete the License Application.

2) Print the application, fill it out completely, and mail it, or bring it in person, with all other Additional Information and Current Fee.

3) Make all checks payable to Treasurer, City of Pittsburgh.

City of Pittsburgh
Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections
200 Ross Street Room 320
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Additional Requirements

  • Valid govenment identifiation. You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Copy of Certificate of Occupancy. You can search for your current Certificate of Occupancy here.
  • Proof of registration with the City of Pittsburgh’s Finance Department, and letter showing that business is current in taxes. Finance can be reached at 412-255-2543 Opt 1 or 414 Grant St (City County Building) Room 207 Pittsburgh, PA 15219.
  • A Certificate of Insurance showing general liability coverage for the applicant at the location where licensed activity will take place, and listing the City of Pittsburgh as the certificate holder and additionally insured. The insurance expiration date must be at least 30-days after the date of licensed activity start date. If not, please provide a documentation from your insurer showing intent to extend coverage and list the expiration date as thirty-one (31) days after the licensed activity start date
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance showing Worker's Compensation coverage for the applicant business and listing the City of Pittsburgh as the certificate holder. If the business does not have any employees, then upload a notarized statement attesting that there are no employees.