Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections

Below are Bulletins providing additional information regarding PLI procedures, code interpretations, or enforcement.  Please check back regularly.


  • Standard Permit Application Requirements - Outlines minimum application submission requirements and scope of work not requiring construction drawings for each permit type.
  • Partial Occupancy Applications - Outlines the procedure for requests to use or occupy of a portion of a new building under construction, or existing buildings undergoing renovations, prior to completion of all work under permit.
  • Temporary Procedures for Third Party Agency - Revised procedures for Third Party Agencies providing limited UCC services for the City of Pittsburgh, see the TPA webpage for additional information.
  • Landscaping Special Inspections - Outlines the procedures related to inspection of landscaping and screening when a condition of Department of City Planning permit approval. 
  • Amended Permit Procedures - Outlines the procedure to amend a permit once it has been issued.


Code Interpretations:

  • Townhouse and Definition of Attached - Outlines PLI's interpretation of an attached dwelling unit as it relates to townhouse code provisions.
  • Townhouse and Group -  Outlines PLI's interpretation of a group as it relates to the applicability of townhouse code provisions.
  • Buildings Across Lot Lines  - Outlines how the Building Code addresses buildings that cross lot lines.
  • Habitable Attics - Outlines PLI's interpretation of habitable attics.
  • Horizontal Exits - Outlines PLI's interrelation of the applicability of horizontal exits as it relates to required exits from a story.
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Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections
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