Land Operations Permit

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This webpage gives a general overview for Land Operations Permits, please refer to § 1003 of the City of Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances for more specifics.

In addition to PLI's approval, the permit is reviewed and approved by the Zoning Department, Public Works, and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA).

Please be aware that all work performed under a Land Operations Permit must be performed by a General Contractor registered with the City of Pittsburgh.


Items Required to File Application

  • Completed Land Operations Permit Application
  • Property Survey
  • Drawings prepared and sealed by a PA licensed Architect or Engineer. These shall include: cross sections, contours, soil & rock strata description, coal workings, locations of utilities, details of surface protection, details of walls or other structures on property.

Where fill is involved, the following additional information shall be included:

  • Plan showing preparation of natural ground surface by benching and removal of topsoil, vegetation and other materials.
  • Description of surface and subsurface drainage control.
  • Results of stability and analysis.
  • Description of kind of material to be used in fill.
  • Statement of intended moisture density control of fill.
  • Statement of method of compacting fill and thickness of layers to be used in such compacting.
  • Statement of tests to be made prior to and during the process of filling and the names of persons or agencies responsible for making the tests.

Application Process

1) Apply in person at PLI's Engineering Counter, located at 200 Ross St, 3rd floor.

2) Submit the application to the Zoning Department for their review and approval.

  • Zoning is also located on the 3rd floor.

3) Submit the application to the Department of Public Works (DPW) for their review and approval.

  • DPW is located at City-County Building, Room 301, 414 Grant Street.

4) 4. Submit the application to PWSA for their review and approval.

  • PWSA is located at 1200 Penn Avenue, Penn-Liberty Plaza 1.

5) Submit the application to PLI for final review and approval. The application must have Zoning, DPW and PWSA signatures and have the applicant's signature notarized.

  • Additionally, The following will need to be submitted at this time: Special Inspector Initial Report, Performance Bond, and Insurance Certificate for work.

6) The PLI Plans Examining Engineer will notify the applicant when the permit is approved or with any required revisions.

Permit Issuance

After the permit has been approved, the following will be required in order to issue the permit:

  • General Contractor's registration (BL) number.
  • A check/money order to pay the permit fee, due when permit is issued. We accept credit card payments at the counter. There will be a 2% + $0.25 convienence fee in addition to the permit fee.


The permit will list the assigned Combined Construction Inspector and provide their phone number. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to arrange for all required inspections by contacting the Inspector.

In addition to PLI's Building Inspector, the Owner's Special Inspector must make weekly inspections and file interim reports to PLI's Chief.

All Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections fees change annually. Consult the Current Fee Schedule below.

2019 Fee Schedule

2019 Fee Schedule

Note once a permit or license has been issued, refunds are not provided.