The Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections issues licenses for the following activities:

  • Contractor Licenses
    •  General Contractors & Sign Contractors
  • Trade Licenses
    • Trade License holders are required to obtain eight (8) continuing education units (CEUs) annually to be eligible for renewal. Please find more information about CEU requirement here.  
    • Electrical Trade, HVAC Trade & Stationary Power Engineer
  • Business Licenses
    • Amusement Places, Amusement Producers, Bed & Breakfast, Antique or Secondhand Dealers (includes Junk Dealer & Pawnbroker licenses), Mechanical Amusement Devices,  Parking Lot, Towing, Sign Maintenance Certificates, Mobile Vehicle Vendors, Mobile Peddler, Stationary Vendors, One-Day Solicitation (Tag Day), Ticket Reselling, Trade Fair & Transient Merchant

Additional Information

  • The Licensing Rules & Regulations take effect November 15th, 2018, and provide a complete list of all new Licensing requirements: Please click here to view them.
  • A list of accepted Continuing Education Units for Trade License Holders and when they must be completed can be found here: Continuing Education Units for Trade License Holders
  • Thank you all who provided comment to the draft Licensing Rules & Regulations. Please view the response to the comments provided here
  • All licenses expire 365 days from the date of issuance. Business license holders who allow their license to expire will be charged a late fee after the date of expiration, except for event-based and mobile licenses, including transient merchants, Tag Day, Amusement Producers, Non-consensual towing, peddlers, mobile vehicle vendors, and ticket resellers.
  • All applications must be fully completed to be processed. An incomplete application will be returned to the applicant.
  • PLI will accept up to five applications with one check. If PLI receives one check for more than five applications, all of the documents will be sent back to the applicant. Applicants must reissue the appropriate checks according to this rule.

All Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections fees change annually. Please consult the Current Fee Schedule below.

2018 Fee Schedule

2018 Fee Schedule

Note once a permit or license has been issued, refunds are not provided.