Do I Need a License?

PLI regulates some businesses within the City of Pittsburgh. We have divided our licenses into four categories:

  1. Contractor: When applying for a permit, the contactor should have a license Exception: homeowners that live in their home
  2. Amusement: Arcades, Carnivals, and other amusement venues require a license
  3. Business: Miscellaneous category for bed and breakfasts, Antique dealers, pawn shops, junk dealer, parking lots and towing
  4. Vendor: Any person wishing to sell goods in a stationary site, on foot, door-to-door, mobile food trucks and ticket resellers. This category also includes one day charity collections.

Visit each site for a full list.

Although we hope to offer online applications for some of our licenses in the future, we currently require all license applicants to fill out the paper application and submit all required documentation, and mail it, or hand deliver it, to:

Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections
200 Ross Street.
Third Floor, Room 320
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

All licensing is guided by the City of Pittsburgh Municipal Code.

**Businesses involving food may require other licenses or permits not administered by the City of Pittsburgh. Check all applicable regulations.