Where can I find out if a property has a building permit?

Please visit pittsburghpa.buildingeye.com/building to see if a property has a building permit.

Do I need a  Certificate of Occupancy to sell my property?

The City of Pittsburgh does not require a Certificate of Occupancy at the time of sale. PLI does not perform systematic Occupancy inspections similar to other municipalities around Pittsburgh. This does not mean that building is compliant with all Zoning and building codes at the time of sale and we advise to always check the Certificate of Occupancy prior to purchasing a property or signing a lease.

How do I get a copy of a Certificate of Occupancy??

You can search for a Certificate of Occupancy by visting our online search tool here.

I have a complaint that isn’t a building or zoning violation. What do I do?

Please call 311 and the correct department will follow-up with the complaint. Some common complaints that PLI does not handle include:

  • Unlicensed and unregistered vehicles in the public right of way – Police
  • Ice and snow on sidewalks – DPW
  • Boarding up City property - DPW
  • Plumbing violations – Allegheny County Health Department
  • Garbage cans being placed on the sidewalk too early – Environmental Services
  • City Trees – Forestry

I want information on violations and permits. Do I need to submit a Right to Know request?

If you would like a copy of a notice of violation or a building permit, our office can provide those without submitting a request. If you are requesting a large quantity of information or information that is historical in nature, please submit a request.

I want to submit a Right to Know request. Where do I go?

All Right to Know requests must be submitted through the City Law Department. Please visit the City's Information page.. You can mail, hand deliver, or e-mail requests directly to the Law Department.

Can I view building plans?

We do not release building plans unless permission is obtained from the current owner or original architect.