Commercial Sign Permit

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Sign Permits

A Sign Permit is required to install or erect a new sign, or enlarge, modify or remove an existing sign. All work performed under a Sign Permit shall be performed by a Sign Contractor registered with the City. Their registration must be up to date in order for a permit to be issued.

How to Get a Sign Permit

The Sign Permit application process is two-fold. The first component is review and approval by the Zoning Department for the land use as regulated by the Zoning Code. The second component is review and approval by PLI for life safety as regulated by the current Building Codes.

Zoning Review

The property owner, or authorized agent, will need to first apply to the Zoning Department. As of January 1, 2018, the sign application and all supporting documents must be submitted by email to  No sign application will be accepted over the Zoning Counter after that date. Follow this link for Zoning's sign applicaition form. After the work is approved by the Zoning Department, the applicant will proceed to PLI's Engineering Counter, located on the 3rd floor of 200 Ross St.


PLI Review

For the PLI review, the following will be required:

  • Approved Zoning Voucher that states the applicant has obtained Zoning approval 
  • Two sets of construction drawings prepared and sealed by a PA a licensed Architect/Engineer will be required. These drawings must detail how the sign will be attached and.or supported. Structural design loads the sign has been designed for (90 MPH wind and 30 PSF ground snow) shall be identified.
  • Construction Drawings are not required for re-facing of an existing sign with a valid Certificate of Occupancy. A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy for the sign will need to be attached to the application.
  • Construction Drawings are not required for Installation of a wall mounted sign that is installed at a height of less than 8 feet above finished grade.
  • New signs will also require an Occupancy Permit which will be combined with the Sign Permit and issued when the work is complete.
  • Illuminated signs will require a separate Electrical Permit.

The submitted drawings will be logged into our Plan Review Queue. Submissions are reviewed in the order in which they were received. After the Plans Examining Engineer has reviewed the application, they will contact the Architect/Engineer with any revisions or notify the applicant that the permit is ready for pick up.

Permit Issuance

After the permit has been approved by a plan reviewer, the following will be required in order to issue the permit:

  • Sign Contractor's registration (SN) number.
  • A check/money order to pay the permit fee, due when permit is issued. We accept credit card payments at the counter. There will be a 2% + $0.25 convienence fee in addition to the permit fee.


The permit will list the assigned Combined Construction Inspector and provide their phone number. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to arrange for all required inspections by contacting the Inspector.

2019 Fee Schedule

2019 Fee Schedule

Note once a permit or license has been issued, refunds are not provided.