Stationary Vendor License

The City of Pittsburgh requires a Stationary Vendor License to sell food or goods at fixed locations or designated sports/entertainment facilities. For a complete list of definitions and requirements, please see Chapter 719: Vendors and Peddlers of the City code and the PLI Licensing Rules and Regulations.

Exemptions: No vending or occupancy permit is required to sell food or goods when vending units are located in the Strip District neighborhood. Vendors that fall under this exception must seek written permission from the building or property owner. Inspections are completed to insure the vendor is properly disposing of waste in minimum 30 gallon combined capacity trash containers (not in City trash cans) when applicable, not producing loud noises, capabable of movement at all times, and meeting all other requirements of the License. *See below for current list of approved vendor sites. 





  • Print out application and mail it along with required information, or bring it in person with all other required information, and Current Fee. 
  • Check the cost of your license application fee here: Current Fee Schedule
  • Pay by credit card at the counter or online!
  • Make all checks or money orders payable to TREASURER – CITY OF PITTSBURGH. Please see main License page for credit card and echeck fees

4) FOR NEW APPLICANTS: New licenses will require an inspection before license can be issued.  

Wondering how much your license costs? 

 All Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections fees change annually. Consult the Current Fee Schedule  for new applications, renewals, and late fees.  

Late Fees 

A late fee will be charged the day after your license expires. If your license is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, it is considered lapsed and closed. All business licenses expire a year from the date of issuance.


    • A Certificate of Insurance showing general liability coverage for the applicant at the location where licensed activity will take place, and listing the City of Pittsburgh as the certificate holder and additionally insured. The insurance expiration date must be at least 30-days after the date of licensed activity start date. If not, please provide a documentation from your insurer showing intent to extend coverage and list the expiration date as thirty-one (31)days after the licensed activity start date. 
    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance showing Worker's Compensation coverage for the applicant business and listing the City of Pittsburgh as the certificate holder. If the business does not have any employees, then upload a notarized statement attesting that there are no employees.  
    • Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections Workers' Compensation Exemption Affidavit.

Current List of Approved Vacant Vendor Sites

Downtown Locations:

  • 5th Avenue and Grant Street
  • 5th Avenue and Wood Street
  • Smithfield Street and 4th Avenue
  • Wood Street T-Station
  • 1st Avenue and Municipal Drive
  • 2nd Avenue and Grant Street
  • Grant Street and Forbes Avenue
  • Fort Duquesne Blvd and 7th Street (Bridge Side – NE Corner)
  • Fort Duquesne Blvd and 7th Street (Bridge Side – NW Corner)
  • Fort Duquesne Blvd and 7th Street (DT Side – SE Corner)
  • Fort Duquesne Blvd and 7th Street (DT Side – SW Corner)
  • Penn and Stanwix

Oakland Locations:

  • 5th Avenue and De Soto
  • O’Hara Street and De Soto
  • Bigelow Boulevard near Forbes Avenue
  • 2161 Centre Avenue, NE Corner

East Liberty Locations:

  • Penn Avenue and Sheridan Square, NW Corner
  • Penn Avenue and Sheridan Square, SW Corner
  • N. Highland Avenue and Broad Street, NW Corner
  • N. Highland Avenue and Broad Street, NE Corner
  • N. Highland Avenue and Penn Avenue, NW Corner
  • N. Highland Avenue and Penn Avenue, NE Corner

Northside Locations:

  • Western Avenue and Allegheny Avenue
  • East Park – North Side – Circle Flower Bed
  • Fineview Baseball Field
  • Cedar Street and Pressley Street

Miscellaneous Locations:

  • Brookline Recreation Center
  • Moore Park Site 1 - Brookline
  • Moore Park Site 2 – Brookline
  • Brookline Blvd and West Liberty Avenue
  • N. Saint Clair Street at Bunker Hill (City Tennis Court) – Highland Park

How to Nominate a New Vending Site:

  1. Applicant submits a vending nomination form to the Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PLI). 
  2. The nominated site will be reviewed by the vending site committee which meets twice per year.
  3. If approved, the application will be forwarded to City Council for approval.  The Council approval process takes approximately four weeks.
  4. If City Council approves, the site will be immediately advertised in a public publication, such as a newspaper.
  5. Applicants will be taken from any qualified individual wishing to vend at the site after it has been publically advertised.
  6. If more than one qualified application for a site is received, a lottery will be conducted and a list will be created.
    • Position #1 on the lottery list gets first right of refusal.
    • If #1 decides they no longer want to vend at the site, then Position #2 gets the next right of refusal and so on until the list has been exhausted.
  7. If there are no applications during the time set forth, the sites will be added to the vacant vending sites list. The sites will then be subject to the standard application process and awarded on a first come first served basis.