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On behalf of the men and women who are members of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, welcome to the website of one of the safest cities in America.

The City of Pittsburgh was incorporated in 1816 when the population was 9,000. In 1857 an ordinance was adopted that established the police department for Pittsburgh to consist of one chief and not more than nine constables. Today, the Bureau of Police is comprised of approximately 900 sworn law enforcement officers who proudly serve the residents and visitors of Pittsburgh.

Our city has been recognized with numerous distinctions in the past but the one we are most proud of is that Pittsburgh has a strong tradition of being one of the safest cities in the United States. Our crime rates have been consistently low during the past decade and we continually strive to make the streets of our diverse neighborhoods even safer.

We place tremendous value on the relationships our officers have built in the communities they serve. Members of the Bureau of Police are intricately involved in improving public safety as our officers participate in numerous community and public safety meetings, neighborhood councils, and activities involving children and adults alike. We believe these partnerships and the professionalism of our officers and civilian staff members contribute greatly to the safe environment enjoyed by those who live in, work in and visit our great city.

We hope you'll visit our site often.

Scott Schubert
Chief of Police

In 1873, the Police Badge was designed and officially adopted by the City of Pittsburgh. The badge is a unique design: The crest is from the Coat-of-Arms of William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham, and the man for whom Pittsburgh is named. The garter around the badge is linked to King George III, the last English ruler of the American colonies. The shield is a circular fighting shield used by 15th century Greek foot soldiers. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the circular shield was used extensively in the British Isles, hence its appearance in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Police Badge with its distinctive design and history is worn with great pride by the men and women of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

Police Patch Requests

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police can not honor requests sent by non-law enforcement individuals or agencies for patches or other bureau items due to security-related issues. We will, however, provide information associated with various Bureau of Police programs upon request.

Enjoy the following gallery of recent and vintage police photos. Click on each thumbnail to view a larger image. Then click on each larger image to view other photos in the gallery.

If you know more info about any of the photos, please let us know.

Sergeants Duffy, Eppler and Holm Superintendent Cole SWAT team, 2007 river exercise
Red Team, 2007 Ron Freeman and Jack Swearingen Officer Rick Ford, Sergeant Eric Holmes, Officer Frank Rosato and Officer Clint Thimons at the U.S. Capitol
Pindel, Miles, Radocaj Police display, autoshow Red Team, 2005
Page, Grier and Drummond Penn Avenue and Lang, winter Perfect line
Lt. Robert Reese Lt. Joe Tersak cycle traing Organized crime and narcotics
Joe Tersak and Joe Nist Joe Tersak traffic stop Lieutenant Martin and recruits
Three degees Jim LeVier and Dan Connolly Jim Miles Anacostia Naval Base
Duane Shick, Sergeant Sean Duffy DUI Checkpoint, Liberty-Bridge Gene Zielmanski
Detective Dick Barrett Detective John Balobeck Andre La'Van, Donnie Page and President George Bush, 2000
Coville, Yovitch and DeRoy Dave Waddle, Eric Schueller Brown and DeRoy
Brian Radocaj and Sean Pindel Clinton and Page, 2001 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Old Pittsburgh Police photo Assistant Superintendent Mullerony Brian Radocaj, 1999
3-Wheeled Motorcycle 1975 Plymouth Fury Air Force One and Pittsburgh Police
All Star Game Bike Patrol All-Star Game Red Carpet Assistant Superintendant Mills
Bicycle Patrol Bicycle Unit 2007 Bishop Wuerhl
Cycle Course 2007 Cycle Officers Cycles 2007
Deputy Chief Donaldson and Grandson Elvis Presley Fallen Hero
Fallen hero Fallen Hero Fallen Hero
Firing range Forbes and Boulevard of the Allies Honor guard
K-9 beat, Squirrel Hill K-9 Cycle K-9 Inspection
K-9 Training Labor Day parade salute Leading the Parade
Vic Cianca Mayor Ravenstahl and Chief Harper Former FOP President McNamara
Mobile crime unit Motorcade Motorcycle officer
Zone 6 Mounted Police Parade
Partners Rusty McDonald and Floyd Schubert Paying respect Pittsburgh Police
Pittsburgh Police Pittsburgh Police Ford Police ambulance
Police car 2007 Police car Police instructions
Police Pension Board, 1938 Police on Federal Street Port of Pittsburgh Police
President George H.W. Bush President Dwight D. Eisenhower President Taft escort May 29, 1909
Cal Ripken, All-Star Game River rescue 2007 River rescue
Roll call Roll call April 1943 Roll call
Pittsburgh police historical photo Pittsburgh police historical photo Sesquicentenial parade
Standing for inspection SWAT SWAT team
Ticket Pittsburgh police historical photo Vic Cianca 1965
West End station

Many of the above images were provided by the Pittsburgh Police Historical Association.

If you would like to assist us in preserving the history of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, please contact Officer Ken Stevwing or Commander Scott Schubert.


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