Geotechnical Reports Show Spring Hill and Garfield Homes Impacted by Landslides Remain Unsafe

PITTSBURGH, PA (February 22, 2018) Preliminary geotechnical engineering reports performed for the Department of Permits Licenses and Inspections (PLI) recommend that homes evacuated in Spring Hill and Garfield remain in danger from adjacent landslides and should not be occupied until the landslides and the homes are stabilized. 

After two separate landslides PLI ordered the evacuation Tuesday of six homes on Goehring Street and Kenzig Avenue in Spring Hill and on Wednesday the evacuation of four homes on Broad Street in Garfield. It asked a geotechnical engineering firm to further study the areas and today, in a preliminary report, the engineers agreed that the slopes are unstable and the homes should remain vacated. 

The department will work with landowners to help them with surveying the slides and designing and executing a safe slope. Exactly how that stabilization work will be performed, or when, will not be known until a full geotechnical study is performed. 

PLI Director Maura Kennedy is contacting the ten impacted homeowners and updating them on the preliminary geotechnical reports. 

The Red Cross is also working with the families. 

Officials in Mayor William Peduto's office are studying the needs of each family with hopes of connecting them to additional services to assist them. 

The geotechnical reports are preliminary and not being publicly released. 




Timothy McNulty
Communications Director