Living with Wildlife

Nuisance Wildlife

Sometimes an animal has already entered your home or is causing damage to your property. Nuisance wildlife is defined as wildlife that causes, or is about to cause, property damage or that presents a threat to the health or safety of the community by means of disease transmission or direct attacks. 

Trapping Nuisance Animals:

  • You can contact Animal Control (412-255-2036) to acquire a humane trap for up to two weeks
    • The trap requires a refundable deposit
  • You may use your own trap, if you have one
  • You must commit to checking the trap several times per day
  • Once you have trapped an animal simply call Animal Control (412-255-2036
  • During peak season there may be a wait time of up to 2 weeks to receive a trap
  • Understand that, due to state regulations, all groundhogs, skunks and raccoons that are trapped will be humanely euthanized

If there is an animal in your home, please call the office directly for immediate assistance.