Department of Public Safety
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The Community Safety Website is a tool to improve the Police Bureau's community-oriented policing approach. The website provides an easy way for citizens to take an active role in their neighborhoods' public safety. Through this website, you can report anonymous tips, receive real-time crime alerts, view crime statistics and join or start a block watch.

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"When I want to know about criminal activity in my community, I go to the Police blotter section to see a list of incidents in my zone. I can also find important alerts and links to information about neighborhoods throughout the city."

Debbie Whitfield, President, Sheraden Community Council, Sheraden.

"A Google search for the Citywide Public Safety meeting held in Allentown last month led me directly to the site and information about the meeting. Further, the site was very easy to navigate so I checked out my neighborhood's crime stats too. This is an incredible tool and simple to use."

Cathy Moir, Business Owner, Allentown

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