Beautify Our 'Burgh Info

Volunteer Requirements

As a Beautify Our 'Burgh volunteer, you agree to complete a minimum of four cleanups/year (preferably one every three months) for two years.  More frequent cleanups are encouraged.

  • We encourage schools, churches, community organizations, businesses and other groups to participate in the Beautify Our 'Burgh program as a way to promote community ownership and revitalization in their neighborhoods.
  • Volunteers can borrow cleanup supplies from the City’s Department of Public Works for their cleanups. Your group must arrange to pick up and return of the supplies borrowed for your project.

    A supply kit contains: 5 brooms, 5 dustpans, 5 nifty nabbers, 1 five-gallon bucket, 1 hedge clippers, and 10 safety vests.

    Volunteers will also receive a Neighborhood Concerns Form to track issues for the City to address as feasible. 

    In addition, by maintaining an active you are entitled to receive two Beautify Our 'Burgh signs to be placed in your adopted segment recognizing your contribution.

  • The City disposes of collected litter by Beautify Our 'Burgh volunteers for free!  To schedule a pick-up, please contact the Beautify Our 'Burgh Coordinator at 412-255-2750 or and provide the following information:
    • Your name and phone number.
    • Name of the organization, group, or business adopting the Number of hours spent on the cleanup
    • Number of volunteers who participated
    • Number of trash bags that need to be picked up
    • Location of bags (must be left on public property)

How can I find out if there is a Beautify Our 'Burgh group in my neighborhood?

NOTE: The Beautify Our 'Burgh program is only for City of Pittsburgh streets.