CLA Participation

To apply, click ‘Application’. To be notified when applications are being accepted, please sign up for our email alerts here. 

For more details, please contact Molly Onufer, CLA Coordinator, by calling 412-255-2217 or email molly.onufer@pittsburghpa.gov

Program Description

The Civic Leadership Academy (CLA) is an engaging 11 week program that opens the doors of local government to the community. CLA was created to foster informed, effective, and inspired community leadership. The program includes tours, hands-on demonstrations, and informational activities that give participants an insider view of how the City of Pittsburgh operates.

While it is a competitive application process, the program is free and we encourage residents across the city to apply. In each session, participants learn about departments across city government and the services that each provides to build a safer, more livable city for all of Pittsburgh.

Invitation for New Americans to Apply

The Civic Leadership Academy in partnership with Welcoming Pittsburgh reserves 10 spots for New Americans and recent immigrants living in Pittsburgh. Not only will participants have a unique opportunity to understand the inner workings of local government, but they will also benefit from a cross-cultural exchange.

We look forward to elevating the conversation together to increase the transparency, openness, and welcoming nature of our great city to all Pittsburghers.


  • Pittsburgh resident or business owner that operates in Pittsburgh.
  • Individuals actively involved in community organizations are encouraged to apply.
  • For more details, please contact Molly Onufer, CLA coordinator, by calling 412-255-2217 or email molly.onufer@pittsburghpa.gov.


The phone lines within the City of Pittsburgh's real estate division are not working due to a mechanical malfunction. Please use the email address RealEstateTaxInfo@pittsburghpa.gov if you need to contact the real estate division for any reason. If email is unavailable to you, please call 412-255-2786 and leave a voicemail. The real estate staff will return all calls as quickly as possible. Thank you.