Cool Roofs - Program Application

Cool Roofs, the newest servePGH initiative, is now making resources available to nonprofit organizations to coat their own roofs, helping them to save on energy costs and lower their carbon footprint. In an effort to expand the Cool Roof's impact, nonprofits may apply for materials and resources to coat their rooftops at no cost. Applications are currently available and will be accepted on a rolling basis until September 27th, 2013.

To be eligible for Cool Roofs, nonprofit organizations must commit to both engaging volunteers to carry out the coating process and reporting utility information, in exchange for in-kind materials and technical assistance. Nonprofits must also demonstrate that their roof meets the appropriate guidelines for coating. An eligible roof will receive: reflective paint/primer, rollers and other paint supplies, technical assistance from the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, and supplies for volunteers such as sunglasses and safety guides. Benefits of coating a roof include: cooler and more comfortable building temperatures, an increase in the efficiency of roof-mounted air conditioning equipment, and protection against thermal expansion and UV radiation on the roofs, making them more durable and longer-lasting.

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