Love Your Block - FAQs

What is Love Your Block?
Love Your Block is a program created to revitalize our City- block by block!

Here's how it works: Nonprofit organizations from across Pittsburgh are invited to propose projects to transform their blocks with up to 1,000 in funds and donated supplies and the support of key City Departments. Up to 14 projects will be selected, after which City agencies will engage with awarded group members and listen to their block improvement requests. They will then proceed to carry out the requested services, as feasible. With grant money, the selected groups purchase equipment and supplies, engage their neighbors, and roll up their sleeves to carry out their own brand of block beautification and repair.

Who funds Love Your Block?
Love Your Block is sponsored by Peoples Gas, PNC, and The Home Depot Foundation & East Liberty Branch. The City of Pittsburgh supports grant recipients by coordinating City services and assisting with City licensure and permitting processes.

Who can apply for a Love Your Block grant?
Qualified nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply. For purposes of this Love Your Block program, a nonprofit organization is defined as a corporation, group, or association that exists for charitable and/or public purposes without a profit motive or shareholders. Any organization that wishes to submit a proposal, but that is not a nonprofit organization as defined above, may propose to use another organization that meets this definition as its fiscal agent.

What can a group do with a Love Your Block grant?
Be creative! You’ll see from our list of Current Projects that there is a wide variety of implementation ideas. Being selected as a Love Your Block recipient is not just about the funding, but it is an opportunity for a community to leverage local volunteers.

What City services can Love Your Block grantees request to leverage in support of their projects?

  • Provide trash collection services and litter clean-up supplies (bags and gloves) for the block project
  • Clean City-owned vacant lot(s)
  • Prune overgrown City-owned trees
  • Graffiti removal on City property
  • Repair damaged/missing street signage
  • Board up vacant, City-owned building(s)
  • Fill pothole(s)
  • Survey block for new tree planting opportunities on City-owned property or in the public right-of-way
  • Prioritize demolition(s)
  • Investigate building code violation(s)
  • Provide information about grant and loan programs available to Pittsburgh homeowners
  • Provide information about community greening resources and other resources available for business districts

How can I get involved?

Email to be notified when applications become available. 

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