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Summer Junior Tennis Camp cancelled at Schenley Park Oval this morning

Due to inclement weather: Today, Friday, June 23, Citiparks Summer Junior Tennis Camp at Schenley Park Oval is cancelled this morning. Any pre-paid days are credited towards another camp day. Junior Tennis Camp to resume at Schenley Park Oval on Monday, June 26, 9:00am .

posted July 5, 2016 at 7:40 am by parkadmin

Due to inclement weather, the Roving Art Cart appearance on Friday, June 23 at the Schenley Oval, has been cancelled.  ROVING ART CART APPEARANCES WILL RESUME ON TUESDAY, JUNE 27 at TROY HIL SPRAY PARK.

posted June 23, 2017 at 8:00 am by parkadmin
Snow Removal Ordinance

The Pittsburgh Municipal Code

The City Code defines the removal of snow and ice for citizens:


Every tenant, occupant or owner having the care or charge of any land or building fronting on any street in the city, where there is a sidewalk paved with concrete, brick, stone or other material shall, within twenty-four (24) hours after the fall of any snow or sleet, or the accumulation of ice caused by freezing rainfall, cause the same to be removed from the sidewalk.

Pittsburgh Snow Plow Tracker Website

This represents the first version of the Pittsburgh snow plow tracker site. Over time, the City will continue to add features, such as sensors that indicate when the plow and spreader on a truck are actively engaged, and new functionality based on user feedback.

The plow tracker site shows the current location of Public Works vehicles that have moved within the last four hours along with the travel history for all vehicles dedicated to snow and ice control throughout the time frame of the snow event. Current location is shown with a vehicle icon on the screen while travel history is shown by highlighting roads on the map.

Currently, approximately 120 Public Works vehicles used for snow and ice control are enabled with GPS devices. The location of these vehicles and their travel history is tracked and displayed in the snow plow tracker site.

The Pittsburgh plow tracker will be activated only during snow events. At all other times, users will see a placeholder message asking them to check back during the next snow event.

While the site shows vehicle travel history, this does not always equate to active treatment of a street. The City hopes to pilot more advanced GPS sensors that will allow us to pinpoint only vehicle movements related to active treatment efforts. However, in the meantime the map displays all vehicle movements whether related to active treatment efforts or not.

Users may see clusters of vehicles on the plow tracker site. These clusters may appear when vehicles are located at a DPW site during shift changes or when vehicles are queued at a salt dome waiting to be refilled.

Current Pittsburgh Weather


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