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About ABES

The Advisory Board on Entrepreneurship and Start-ups was created out of a 2016 ordinance sponsored by City Councilman Corey O’Connor. The legislation was subsequently co-sponsored by Council Members Dan Gilman, Theresa Kail-Smith, and Deborah Gross, and won unanimous approval from City Council on its final vote. After passage by City Council, this legislation was signed into law by then Mayor Bill Peduto and became part of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

In 2017, the Advisory Board’s authorizing legislation was amended to appoint a six-member Steering Committee charged with recommending subsequent Advisory Board appointments to City Council. All of the Steering Committee’s recommendations were approved by City Council, with the fully-appointed drawing representatives from a wide variety of sectors in Pittsburgh, from mainstreet businesses to high-tech start-ups. You can read the final version of the Advisory Board’s authorizing legislation in the City’s Code of Ordinances here.

The mission of the Advisory Board on Entrepreneurship and Start-ups is to support the creation and growth of all businesses in the City of Pittsburgh. It will advise City government on the market landscape, how to provide appropriate resources,  and how to foster a vibrant, innovative, and inclusive business culture.

As its work progresses, the Advisory Board’s work will include: developing strategies to promote targeted growth opportunities in business districts throughout Pittsburgh; providing review of laws, regulations, and policies that impact the business environment; providing policy recommendations on municipal issues relevant to businesses, including zoning, permitting, community resources, and other related areas; serving as a liaison between new entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups by acting as an interface with municipal government; working with the City to identify and work with potential strategic partners for the advancement of business and economic development opportunities; and advising the City on the development of strategies to promote affordable incubation spaces or similar lodging for new businesses.