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Equipment Leasing Authority

The Equipment Leasing Authority (ELA) was incorporated in 1980 to serve as a financing mechanism enabling the City of Pittsburgh to make major equipment purchases, primarily vehicles. The ELA would issue bonds, buy the vehicles, hold title to those vehicles, and lease them to the City. The lease payments amortized the bonds.

The last ELA bonds were retired in 1997. Since then the ELA has continued its role as the City's central player in Fleet acquisition, maintenance, repair, and replacement. 

Governing Documents


Five members

  • 3 appointed by Mayor of Pittsburgh
  • 2 appointed by City Council President
  • Generally from City Office of Management and Budget and/or Councilmembers themselves

  • Jennifer Presutti, Chair
    • Term Expires 3/31/2023
  • Guy Costa, Vice Chair
    • Term Expires 4/17/2022
  • Councilman Bruce Kraus, Assistant Treasurer
    • Term Expires 6/15/2021
  • William Urbanic, Treasurer
    • Term Expires 6/15/2021
  • Wendell Hissrich, Secretary
    • Term Expires 6/14/2021


  • Held Quarterly, at 2 PM in the City-County Building, City Council Conference Room, Room 510
  • 2020 Meeting Schedule
    • March 26, 2020: Cancelled due to safety concerns related to the Coronavirus
    • June 25, 2020: Held via Conference Call due to safety concerns related to the Coronavirus
    • September 24, 2020
    • December 10, 2020

Equipment Leasing Authority - 2020

Contact Information

Office of Management & Budget
Phone: 412-255-2640
Fax: 412-255-4899