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Summer Dreamer’s Academy: Getting ready for Summer 17

While it may be spring break for Pittsburgh Public School students, several teachers and staff of PPS have been hard at work planning for this year’s Summer Dreamers Academy (SDA). Summer Dreamers Academy is a Summer Learning Opportunity open to Pittsburgh Pubic School students in grades K-8. For more information about Summer Dreamers click here: Summer Dreamers This week was the first meeting of the SDA camp leadership team. We asked them: what are you most excited for this summer?

Alex Novickoff, Activities Specialist

I am excited for the activities the students will participate in this summer. We have a number of community partners coming in to support camp this summer, and will be great to get the opportunity to work with them closely in support of our students.

Paula Megats, Behavior Coach

I am excited to build relationships to continue into the summer. As a second-year support, I’m looking forward to campers remembering me from last year and continuing to work with them this summer.

Tracey Calhoun, Camp Director

I am Excited to see new faces and old faces of our campers this year! I am looking forward to getting to know campers who I have never met, and bond again with campers I know.

Sheria Giles, Operations Manager

I am Excited about the new summer! Looking forward to working on the leadership team and bringing everyone back together for another year of summer. My summer team is my family, so looking forward to working again in support of our students!