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Summer Learning Day 2018

Held on July 12 this year, National Summer Learning Day (NSLD) is an annual advocacy event that highlights local programs working to keep children learning, safe, and healthy during the summer months, so that students start the school year strong and can thrive all year long. PGH Summer18, a regional campaign partnering local government and community nonprofits, hosted a summer learning tour across Allegheny County to celebrate NSLD. Students toured three programs across Allegheny County: Higher Achievement Pittsburgh, Focus on Renewal, and Summer Dreamers Academy.

The 2018 NSLD tour began at Higher Achievement Pittsburgh, which hosts year-round afterschool and summer programs. Higher Achievement serves three Pittsburgh communities in Homewood and Hill District, providing 5th-8th grade students with over 600 hours of supplementary learning and instructions over four years. The aim of the program is to help bridge the opportunity gap facing local low-income students. The July 12th tour visited Higher Achievement at Pittsburgh Westwood. In the video below, students are participating in an enrichment activity to complement math coursework.
Live Video #1

During the second stop of the tour, students visited Focus on Renewal (FOR). FOR provides a range of community-based programs supporting food security, nutrition, early-childhood education, mental health, and the arts. FOR is also a provider and worksite through Partner4Work’s “Learn and Earn” program, offering Pittsburgh teens ages 14-20 summer job opportunities. This year, FOR has placed 29 local teens in positions at a local library, in a coding program, at a neighborhood bakery, at a gas utility provider (Butler Gas), and also in jobs performing silk screening, and assisting children’s theatre. During the tour, students were able to meet youth participating in FOR’s summer jobs program and learn about FOR’s other services.
Live Video #2

Following lunch, the tour made its final stop: the Summer Dreamers Academy at their Camp King location. Summer Dreamers Academy is a 27-day program that offers public-school students high-quality academic lessons in mathematics and English-language arts, as well as enrichment activities. A typical day at camp begins with breakfast followed by 90-minute learning blocks. The academic programming works to prevent learning loss and contribute to closing the achievement gap. Exciting enrichment activities are hosted after lunch-time daily, and can include flag football, dance, arts and crafts, and theatre. The goals of the Summer Dreamers Academy include increasing academic achievement, facilitating a passion for and excitement about learning, and helping youth build their confidence and develop resilience.
Live Video #3

Each of these programs is free of charge for Pittsburgh Public Schools students. Students can reserve a seat for the Summer Learning Bus Tour, which takes them to each summer learning program site or they can meet up with the tour at each of the different locations. For more information and details on how to sign up for next year’s programs visit, contact