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Citiparks Roving Art Cart

In the Summer Camps Spotlight this week is the Citiparks Roving Art Cart. Hosted by the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the Art Cart program aims to bring kids arts and crafts activities to local communities across Pittsburgh.


Tell us more about the Citiparks Roving Art Cart! What does it focus on, and who can participate?

The Art Cart has a rich history in Pittsburgh, and in 2018 is celebrating its 45th year of operation! The Citiparks Roving Art Cart visits a neighborhood park and/or playground, bringing with it arts and crafts supplies and instructors. Children paint, sculpt, bead, and create a summer of magical fun. Activities are geared towards children and youth ages 5-12; younger children may also participate with the supervision of a caregiver. Citiparks staff members organize and facilitate the projects and provide children the chance to explore their creative side in an outdoor setting. Weather impacts the type of projects chosen for the day.

Why should I attend?

The Citiparks Roving Art Cart enables children from all areas of the city to try fun arts and crafts activities and learn new skills and techniques. The program is perfect for children and youth who love arts and crafts, as well as for families and caregivers who are looking for an enriching activity to keep kids busy and engaged. We also welcome groups from summer camps, day-care centers, and other childcare providers to join in on the fun!

What is the cost?

The Citiparks Roving Art Cart is a free summer program provided by the City of Pittsburgh.

What are the times and locations for the Citiparks Roving Art Cart?

The Citiparks Roving Art Cart visits neighborhood parks, playgrounds, water parks, and recreation centers throughout the city. The Art Cart activities run from 10am until 1pm, every Tuesday through Friday, from mid-June through early August each year.

Where can I find more information?

The 2018 schedule, including all Art Cart dates and locations, is available online here.

Please note that groups of 10 or more must register at least one week in advance in order to ensure adequate supplies, staff, and space. The required reservations can be made by calling (412) 665-3665 or by completing the registration form available here.

For specific inquiries, you may contact Tiffini Simoneaux at, who will connect you with relevant Citiparks staff.