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Summer STEAM Camps Spotlight Info

We asked organizations in the city of Pittsburgh to share the different summer programs they will be offering in 2017. During the summer we will share weekly spotlights featuring different summer opportunities. This week, we are featuring, Assemble, as they share how children and families can have a FUN summer with lots of learning.

Assemble is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering learning and creativity. Assemble connects artists, technologists, and makers adults and kids through galleries, events and workshops. These community gatherings focus on teaching STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) principles to individuals of all ages. Their Summer STEAM Camps begin June 19th for children ages 6-13. See below for more information.


Describe your program in three words.

Art + Technology = FUN!

Who should attend your program?

Anyone interested in science, technology, engineering, art and math! From beginners to burgeoning hackers, all skill levels are accepted and welcome. We simply ask that your child comes ready for learning and fun.

What are you doing this summer? What's a typical day look like?

Think science camp, technology camp, engineering camp, art camp and math camp ALL rolled into one.Students will learn creative skills and do everything from designing and sewing futuristic clothing that lights up to digital music-making.

Summer 17's theme is dream, explore, do. How does your program promote each of these areas?

Assemble is looking toward the future.Our projects revolve around brainstorming and creating future worlds, designs and music. We will also explore the history of women in STEM. We are dreaming about the future, exploring the past and making along the way!

What's the most popular activity amongst participants?

Learning how to build a video game using Virtual Reality, aka VR.

What's the most popular activity amongst participants?

Learning how to build a video game using Virtual Reality, aka VR.

What book should kids read this summer?

Tick Tock Banneker's Clock by Shana Keller

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Our summer camps rotate each week by theme and age. Please check out our website to see which camp is best for your child.

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Summer STEAM Camps

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4824 Penn Ave. (Garfield)

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