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Summer Camps Spotlight - College in High School

Would you believe us if we told you that high school students can get paid to attend college classes? Well, it’s true! Each summer, Neighborhood Learning Alliance (NLA) provides students with the opportunity to do just that, and more, through their ‘College in High School’ program.

NLA offers classes at Carlow University, CCAC, and Chatham University. Students choose from introductory courses for Psychology, English, Chemistry, and Sociology to earn 3 college credits. These classes give students a chance to explore their interests and to save approximately $1,800 in future tuition. Alongside classes, students are placed at a worksite thanks to NLA’s partnership with Partner4Work’s Learn and Earn program, making for a combined total of 25 hours a week -- all paid!!

It doesn’t stop there. Students also receive a bus pass, textbooks for class, and special opportunities for scholarships if they choose to attend college after graduation.

Although this year’s program is coming to an end, high school students can apply next spring for the Summer 2020 program by visiting NLA’s website. We hope you check out this opportunity or find another opportunity that fits your needs and dreams.