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How can the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations Help You?

  • A pamphlet regarding the PghCHR services and capabilities

"Discrimination is Against the Law" 

  • Learn more about Housing Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Public Accommodations Discrimination, and the Commission on Human Relations.

Protected Classes and Complaint Process Chart

  • A chart showing the protected classes in each category for the City of Pittsburgh and a flow chart to show the discrimination complaint process from start to finish, regardless of the outcome

Guide to Filing a Discrimination Complaint

  • A pamphlet on how to go about filing a complaint of discrimination with the PghCHR office

"What if I have a disability?"

  • A flyer regarding your rights to reasonable accommodation and modification in Housing under the Federal Fair Housing Act Amendments.

Guide to Equal Employment

  •  A pamphlet describing your rights with regard to equal employment in the City of Pittsburgh

Guide to Fair Housing

  •  A pamphlet describing your rights with regard to fair housing in the City of Pittsburgh

Guide to Public Accommodations

  • A pamphlet describing your rights with regard to public accommodations in the City of Pittsburgh

Learn About Our Mediation Process

  • A pamphlet that describes the PghCHR process for conducting mediations, which aim to resolve discrimination complaints or inter-group conflicts

Hearing Impaired Visor Card

  • A tool to help those who are hearing impaired communicate with law enforcement in the event of a traffic stop or emergency

"Now Renting: No Kids, No Blacks, No Latinos."

  • A flyer regarding Housing Discrimination.

"Ethnic Intimidation is Illegal in Pittsburgh!"

  • A flyer regarding zero tolerance of ethnic intimidation in Pittsburgh.

"If you were robbed, you'd report it..."

  • A flyer from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding Housing Discrimination.

U-Visa Certification Factsheet

  • For persons who file a complaint with the PghCHR and are party to a qualifying crime/investigation, and who do not have citizenship status, this is a fact sheet for how to apply for a temporary Visa

Mandatory Employment Postings for PA Employers

  • Federally mandated workplace postings

Pregnancy Legislation Guidance Document

  • A guide to the 2019 legislation adding pregnancy and partners of pregnant persons to the Pittsburgh City Code.

Pregnancy Discrimination Fact Sheet

  • A quick guide to pregnancy discrimination.

Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression Definition Updates

  • An explanation of the changes to the Pittsburgh City Code definitions of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression.

Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression Poster

  • A poster regarding the protections for sex, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in the City of Pittsburgh.

Sexuality, Gender and Sex Definitions

  • Definitions for navigating terms surrounding gender, sex, and sexuality 

Supporting Gender Through Language Infographic

  • An infographic describing how to best support gender through use of language

Supporting Gender Through Pronouns Infographic

  • An infographic describing how to best support gender through use of pronouns


Related External Resources:

City of Pittsburgh ADA Coordinator

Hillary Roman

200 Ross St, 4th Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Ph: 412-255-2102 int.457


The ADA Coordinator ensures that all citizens have the equal

opportunity to participate meaningfully in the programs and

services offered by the City of Pittsburgh. She also works with

architects, developers, businesses and property owners to

implement universal design that prevents discrimination

against individuals with disabilities and promotes inclusivity.


Allegheny County Human Relations Commission

920 City-County Building

414 Grant Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Main Phone: 412-350-6945 

Secondary Phone: 412-350-6830


Pennsylvania Commission on Human Relations (PHRC)

301 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Ph: 412-565-5395


The PHRC investigates complaints of discrinination on a state level. If

you would like to file  discrimination complaint, but the place the harm

occurred in is outside the physical boundaries of the City of Pittsburgh,

you should contact the PHRC.


Allegheny County Bar Foundation Pro Bono Center

Ph: 412-402-6677

Barbara Griffin, Esq.

Director of the Pro Bono Center



Pittsburgh Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

William S. Moorhead Federal Building

1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1112

Pittsburgh, PA 15222 

Ph: 412-588-6905



Pittsburgh Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Field Office

William Moorhead Federal Building

1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1000

Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4004

Ph: 412-644-6428


Citizens' Police Review Board (CPRB)

816 5th Avenue, Suite 400

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Ph: 412-765-8023




"You & The Police" 

  • Outlines your rights and responsibilities when interacting with the police.


Office of Municipal Investigations (OMI)

414 Grant Street, Suite 901 (Ross Street side)

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Ph: 412-255-2804

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
24 Hour Answering System 



Updated: 8/24/2020