Education & Resources

Other Resources:

City of Pittsburgh ADA Coordinator

Hillary Roman

200 Ross St, 4th Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Ph: 412-255-2102 int.457



Pittsburgh 311

Ph: 412-255-2621 or 311






Pennsylvania Commission on Human Relations

301 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Ph: 412-565-5395



Tribone Center for Clinical Legal Education

Tribone Building

912-914 Fifth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Ph: 412-396-4704


Pittsburgh Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

William S. Moorhead Federal Building

1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1112

Pittsburgh, PA 15222 

Ph: 412-588-6905



Pittsburgh Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Field Office

William Moorhead Federal Building

1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1000

Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4004

Ph: (412) 644-6428




NEW: Pregnancy Legislation Guidance Document

NEW: Pregnancy Discrimination Fact Sheet

NEW: Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression Definition Updates

NEW: Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity/Expression Poster

 Protected Classes Chart

  • A chart showing the protected classes in each category for the City of Pittsburgh

"Discrimination is Against the Law" 

  • Learn more about Housing Discrimination, Employment Discrimination, Public Accommodations Discrimination, and the Commission on Human Relations.

"You & The Police" 

  • Outlines your rights and responsibilities when interacting with the police.

"Now Renting: No Kids, No Blacks, No Latinos."

  • A flyer regarding Housing Discrimination.

"Ethnic Intimidation is Illegal in Pittsburgh!"

  • A flyer regarding zero tolerance of ethnic intimidation in Pittsburgh.

"What if I have a disability?"

  • A flyer regarding your rights to reasonable accommodation and modification in Housing under the Federal Fair Housing Act Amendments.

"If you were robbed, you'd report it..."

  • A flyer from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding Housing Discrimination.

How can the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations Help You?

  • A pamphlet regarding the PghCHR services and capabilities

PghCHR Complaint Process Chart

  • A flow chart to show the discrimination complaint process from start to finish, regardless of the outcome

Guide to Filing a Discrimination Complaint

  • A pamphlet on how to go about filing a complaint of discrimination with the PghCHR office

Guide to Equal Employment

  •  A pamphlet describing your rights with regard to equal employment in the City of Pittsburgh

Guide to Fair Housing

  •  A pamphlet describing your rights with regard to fair housing in the City of Pittsburgh

Guide to Public Accommodations

  • A pamphlet describing your rights with regard to public accommodations in the City of Pittsburgh

Learn About Our Mediation Process

  • A pamphlet that describes the PghCHR process for conducting mediations, which aim to resolve discrimination complaints or inter-group conflicts

Hearing Impaired Visor Card

  • A tool to help those who are hearing impaired communicate with law enforcement in the event of a traffic stop or emergency

U-Visa Certification Factsheet

  • For persons who file a complaint with the PghCHR and are party to a qualifying crime/investigation, and who do not have citizenship status, this is a fact sheet for how to apply for a temporary Visa

Mandatory Employment Postings for PA Employers

  • Federally mandated workplace postings


Updated: 2/4/2020