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Chapter 782 of the Pittsburgh City Code, Temporary Eviction Regulation For Disease Prevention and Control Due to COVID- 1, prohibits landlords from taking action to cause the eviction of an individual or household except for good cause.  The chapter goes onto define good cause:

  1. Conduct that presents an imminent threat to the health or safety of other residents, inhabitants, or property staff.

  2. Other serious breach of the lease terms or compelling basis not specifically enumerated herein, which constitutes the need for eviction including but not limited to violations of federal, state, or local law that directly relate to the occupancy or use of the unit or premises, criminal activity, destruction to the premises, disruption to other tenants, or failure to pay amounts due (so long as such failure to pay is not due to an inability to pay arising from a COVID-19 related hardship).

The Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations (“PghCHR” or “Commission”) has prepared the rules and procedures pursuant to the authority and responsibility vested in it by the Pittsburgh City Code (“PCC”) Subsections 782.02(b) and (d). Because the City of Pittsburgh’s pre-eviction application review process in the Temporary Eviction Moratorium Ordinance (“TEMO”) appears to be the first of its kind, PghCHR has faced a unique task in creating the rules and procedures.  These procedures were created with the help and input of several members of the Pittsburgh community who represent the diversity and interests of our City. 

Rules for the TEMO Good Cause Review

Updated March 26, 2021 

Guidance and FAQS for the TEMO

Updated 05/06/2021

Apply for a Good Cause Exemption Online

Download an Application Form

Complete Application Forms and their  supporting documents can be sent to the commission by e-mail, US mail, or fax.  To request an accommodation to view the form, or to request a paper form sent to you, you may contact us by phone, fax, e-mail, or US mail. 

    Phone: 412-436-9619 or 412-255-2600
    Fax: 412-255-2288 

    Mailiing Address
    414 Grant St. 
    Suite 908 
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Resources for Rent, Mortgage, Housing, and Legal Assistance

Updated 05/06/2021

Report a Violation

If you feel the TEMO has been violated, you may report the potential violation at