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April 21, 2021   Understanding Housing During COVID-19: Landlords and Housing Providers

April 20, 2021   City Council Fair Housing Proclamation 2021

April 14, 2021   Understanding Fair Housing During COVID-19: Tenant's Rights

April 7, 2021   Understanding Fair Housing During COVID-19: Tips for Service Providers

June 5, 2020 Gender Awareness in Pittsburgh Webinar

April 28, 2020   Housing Discrimination Press Conference

February 26, 2019 Pregnancy Fairness Legislation Press Conference

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Did you know the Commission has fair housing public service announcements (PSAs)?

Race Discrimination in Housing PSA 

Disability Discrimination in Housing PSA  

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Housing PSA 

Media Coverage

June 17, 2022 Pittsburgh's first Black and Trans executive director hopes to bridge gap with LGBTQIA+ community

March 18, 2021 WQED Youth Creative Arts Contest

June 21, 2020   What The Supreme Court's Ruling Means For LGBTQ Workers

June 17, 2020   Pittsburgh LGBT workplace protections exceeded federal standards for years

June 15, 2020   ‘Historic Decision’: Supreme Court Ruling That Protects LGBTQ Workers From Job Discrimination Will Impact Many Employees And Employers In Pennsylvania

June 12, 2020   George Floyd protests prompt calls for countywide civil rights commissions in Pennsylvania

May 30, 2020   Mass ejection? Impending evictions in Allegheny County drive a scramble for changes and dollars

May 12, 2020  City Council unanimously passes housing protections for immigration status, language

April 30, 2020   Pittsburgh City Council looking to end housing discrimination based on perceived immigration status

April 27, 2020   Councilwoman, mayor to introduce bill to fight housing discrimination in Pittsburgh

April 20, 2020   Coronavirus will change Pittsburgh, but how?

January 16, 2020   Mapping a Path to More Equitable Housing

November 13, 2019   Experts’ tips for tenants: Read your lease, know your rights

October 2019   KD/PG Sunday Edition: The State of LGBTQ Rights in America Part One

October 2019   KD/PG Sunday Edition: The State of LGBTQ Rights in America Part Two

October 14, 2019   Coalition to U.N.: Human rights in Pittsburgh are lagging for people of color, people with low incomes

September 19, 2019   Mayor Peduto stands with advocates for immigrants in decrying new federal rule

July 30, 2019   Commission On Human Relations Hopes Interactive Map Will Help Address Housing Issues

July 10, 2019   Gender identity and expression added to Pittsburgh’s non-discrimination protections

June 26, 2019   City Council members move to strengthen anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQIA+ Pittsburghers

June 25, 2019   Stonewall Riot 50th Anniversary Press Conference Post-Gazette Coverage

March 9, 2019   Pittsburgh looks to break 'glass ceiling' with stronger protections for pregnant workers

February 26, 2019  Proposal: Elevate city protections for pregnant workers, partners

February 26, 2019  Pittsburgh ordinance would expand protection for pregnancy discrimination

February 26, 2019   Pregnant employees in the City of Pittsburgh would get new protections under legislation

February 26, 2019  Legislation aims to prevent pregnancy discrimination in Pittsburgh

Februay 26, 2019  New City Bill Would Bar Discrimination Against Pregnant Women – And Their Partners

February 26, 2019  Legislation To Combat Pregnancy Discrimination At Work

December 11, 2018  Gender Equity Commission Head: Hate Will Flourish Until We Shine A Light On It

April 8, 2018  Fair Housing is 50, but has its promise been realized?

Winter 2017  Whistleblower: A true story of racial justice in Pittsburgh

September 15, 2017  Concrete contractor denied service on basis of race, Pittsburgh commission finds

July 1, 2017  City hosts a hearing on Religious and Ethnic Intimidation

June 30, 2017 Citizens sound off on discrimination concerns in Pittsburgh

June 23, 2017  Pittsburgh Commission On Human Relations Gives A Voice To The Voiceless

Februry 14, 2014  Capacity Building Workshop Plants Seeds of Success for Grant Writing Endeavors

May 2, 2012  Housing problems of ex-convicts to be analyzed

December 23, 2005  3 landlords fined by city commission for housing bias

Public Hearings 

Religious and Ethnic Intimidation:

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Travel Bans & Federal Immigration Policy

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Religious Discrimination

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Public Comment Session #1

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Welcoming/Sanctuary/Freedom Cities

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Discrimination in Educational Settings

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Interior Enforcement & Employment Discrimination

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing - Community-Police Relations

Commission on Human Relations Public Hearing – Public Comment Session #2

Landmark Cases

Pittsburgh Press Company v. Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations

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