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April 8, 2023   Fair Housing in Real Estate Transactions panel discussion (video)

April 8, 2023   Fair Housing for Families panel discussion  (video)

April 8, 2023   Fair Housing and Language Access panel discussion  (video)

April 20, 2021   City Council Fair Housing Proclamation 2021

Have you seen our annual reports?

2022 Annual Report     *     2021 Annual Report     *     2020 Annual Report     *     2019 Annual Report    

Did you know the Commission has fair housing public service announcements (PSAs)?

Race Discrimination in Housing PSA  (video)

Disability Discrimination in Housing PSA  (video)

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Housing PSA (video)

Media Coverage

February 14, 2024 Commissioner Rabbi Gibson in the Jewish Chronicle

June 17, 2020   Pittsburgh LGBT workplace protections exceeded federal standards for years

January 16, 2020   Mapping a Path to More Equitable Housing (interactive map)

Blast from the Past

February 7, 1963 The Pittsburgh Press: "Negro [sic] Doctor Wins Lot Case" 

Public Hearings 

Religious and Ethnic Intimidation:

Travel Bans & Federal Immigration Policy (video)

Religious Discrimination (video)

Public Comment Session #1 (video)

Welcoming/Sanctuary/Freedom Cities (video)

Discrimination in Educational Settings (video)

Interior Enforcement & Employment Discrimination (video)

Community-Police Relations (video)

Public Comment Session #2 (video)

Landmark Cases

Pittsburgh Press Company v. Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations

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