Education & Outreach

The Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations strives to provide everyone who works in, lives in or visits the City of Pittsburgh with information about its work.  

Would your community benefit from a presentation from us?  Do you know of an event that would be of interest to us?  Send us an email or call Jam Hammond at 412-436-9619.

Some events and organizations the Commission has been involved with in the past few years:

  • Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit (formerly the Summit Against Racism)
  • University of Pittsburgh Housing Summit
  • Urban League Thanksgiving Distribution
  • Moms & Cops
  • Duquesne Law School
  • University of Pittsburgh Center for Race and Social Problems
  • Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh
  • American Red Cross Refugee and Immigrant Health Fair
  • Civic Leadership Academy
  • City-County ADA Task Force
  • Latino Community Center
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • Carnegie Libraries

 Commission Infographics

ADA Title III Infographic

ADA Title II Infographic

#BeCounted 2020 Census Infographic

Age Protections Infographic

Familial Status Infographic

Domestic Violence in Housing Infographic

Gender Expression Infographic

Gender Identity Infographic

Sex Infographic

Sexual Orientation Infographic

Pregnancy Protections Infographic

Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications in Housing Infographic

Service and Support Animals Infographic


Updated 10/8/2020