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The Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations (“PghCHR”) strives to provide everyone who works in, lives in, or visits the City of Pittsburgh with information about PghCHR’s work.  We offer free training, presentations, webinars, and handouts During the pandemic we can offer virtual options as well!

Outreach Spotlight: “Know Your Rights” Trainings

Since December of 2020, members of the Outreach team have been coordinating with local service providers – from ISAC to the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh – to provide customized “Know Your Rights” trainings. Using a scenario-based teaching method and live Q&A with one of the Commission’s investigators, the trainings aim to:

  1. Build community knowledge of the Commission itself;
  2. Facilitate understanding of the City of Pittsburgh’s many protected classes;
  3. Identify various forms of discrimination across employment, housing, public accommodations, and the delivery of City services; and
  4. How to access and work with the Commission to combat and end discrimination in Pittsburgh.

We encourage any organization that is interested in such a training to contact us at by phone at 412-255-2600 or 412-360-9553, or by email at

Would your community benefit from a presentation from us?  Do you know of an event that would be of interest to us?  Send us an email or call Jam Hammond at 412-360-9553.

Some events and organizations the Commission has been involved with in the past few years:

 2020/2021 Education and Outreach


Jessica Rohe-Cook
Outreach and Intake Coordinator, Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations

Updated 4/7/2022

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