Allegheny Commons Park with Citiparks Seal and logo overlaid on top. Allegheny Commons Park with Citiparks Seal and logo overlaid on top.



Our regional parks are the signature open spaces of Pittsburgh.

These parks draw tens of thousands of visitors from throughout our City and the region. The public can attend grand civic events, play, and learn. Each park has a unique identity shaped by its cultural resources, historic landscape, natural features, and recreational amenities.

The Department of Public Works and CitiParks maintain approximately 1,972 acres of regional park land distributed across five parks.

Frick Park
Highland Park
Schenley Park
Emerald Park
Riverview Park


We maintain approximately 561 acres of community park land.

Community parks draw people from more than one neighborhood because of the features or character they offer, and they are intended to serve multiple neighborhoods.

Allegheny Commons
Arsenal Park
August Wilson Park
Market Square
Mellon Square
Sheradon Park
South Side Park
West End Circle

Neighborhood parks are the basic building blocks within the Pittsburgh’s parks system.

These locally-oriented parks provide residents with nearby access to the outdoors and recreation. Neighborhood parks typically include features such as picnic areas, playgrounds, open lawn, courts, and walking paths. Find your neighborhood park below.

Park Address Street Address Zip Code Neighborhood Playgrounds OLEA/Dog Park Pools Spray Parks Courts/Fields
Baxter Park Baxter Street & Frankstown Avenue HOMEWOOD NORTH 7601 Frankstown Avenue 15208 Homewood North Baxter Playground
Chadwick Park Oberlin & Mingo Streets LINCOLN-LEMINGTON-BELMAR 1501 Oberlin Street 15206 Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar Chadwick Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Basketball Court
Chadwick-Football & Soccer Field
Dallas Park Conemaugh Street at Hamilton Avenue HOMEWOOD WEST North Dallas & Frankstown 6840 Frankstown Avenue 15208 Homewood West Dallas Playground 1 Basketball Court
Davis Park Hobart Street at Murray & Wightman SQUIRREL HILL SOUTH 5680 Hobart Street 15217 Squirrel Hill South Davis Playground 1 Handball Court
2 Basketball Courts
1 Hockey Court
1 Tennis Court
East Hills Park Wilner Drive EAST HILLS 2301 Wilner Drive 15221 East Hills East Hills 2 Basketball Courts
East Hills - Baseball Field
Frick Park Forbes & Braddock Avenues SQUIRREL HILL 1981 Beechwood Boulevard - Frick Envirnomental Center 2005 Beechwood Boulevard - Blue Slide Playground Entrance 800 South Braddock Avenue - Tennis Court Area Entrance Squirrel Hill Forbes & Braddock Playground Blue Slide Playground Upper Frick Park 1 Basketball Courts
3 Pickleball Courts
1 Volleyball Court
2 Bocce & Lawn Bowling
6 Tennis Courts - Red Clay Fern Hollow
Football & Soccer Forbes & Braddock
2 Baseball Jeff Rosenthall & Stan Lederman
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Homewood Park 540 North Lang Avenue HOMEWOOD 540 North Lang Avenue 15208 Homewood South Homewood Pool Willie Stargell - Baseball Football Soccer
Liberty Green Park 100 Larimer Avenue LARIMER 100 Larimer Avenue 15206 Larimer Liberty Green Playground
Larimer Park Larimer Avenue & Shetland Street LARIMER 550 Lenora Street - Playground Entrance 555 Larimer Avenue - Basketball Court Entrance 15206 Larimer Larimer Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Basketball Court Larimer - Football & Soccer
Mellon Park Fifth Avenue at Beechwood Boulevard SHADYSIDE 6601 Fifth Avenue - Parking Lot 15206 Shadyside Mellon Playground Mellon Spray Park 2 Baskteball Courts
Mellon Park Tennis Bubble - 6 Courts
3 Baseball Fields
Paulson Park Paulson Avenue LINCOLN-LEMINGTON-BELMAR 1300 Paulson Avenue 15206 Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar Paulson Playground Paulson Spray Park 1 Basketball Court
Paulson Baseball Field
Swisshelm Park Onondago Street & Nightingale Way SWISSHELM PARK Onondago Street & Nightingale Way 15218 Swisshelm Park Swisshelm Playground Playground Spray Feature
Westinghouse Park Thomas Boulevard & North Murtland Street POINT BREEZE NORTH 7051 Thomas Boulevard 15208 Point Breeze North Westinghouse Playground Playground Spray Feature
Wightman Park Wightman & Solway Streets SQUIRREL HILL NORTH 5637 Solway Street 15217 Squirrel Hill North Wightman Playground 1 Basketball Court
Wightman - Baseball Field
Arsenal Park Between 39th & 40th Streets at Butler Street LOWER LAWRENCEVILLE 276 39th Street 15201 Lower Lawrenceville Arsenal Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
4 Tennis Courts Bandbox
Baseball Field Middle - Baseball Field
Denny Park Liberty Avenue at 29th Street STRIP DISTRICT 2901 Liberty Avenue 15201 Strip District Denny Playground Half Basketball Court
Dinan Park Hawthorne & Farmington Streets STANTON HEIGHTS 15201 Stanton Heights Dinan Playground 1 Hockey Court
1 Tennis Court
Officer Eric G. Kelly Memorial Baseball Field
Duncan Park 54th & Wickliff Streets UPPER LAWRENCEVILLE 15201 Upper Lawrenceville 1 Hockey Court
Enright Park Amber Street EAST LIBERTY 15206 East Liberty Enright Playground Playground Spray Feature 2 Basketball Courts
Esser Plaza Park 12th and Carson Street South Side
Fifty-Seventh Street Park 57th & Butler Streets UPPER LAWRENCEVILLE 15201 Upper Lawrenceville Fifty-Seventh Street Playground 1 Basketball Court
Fifty-Seventh Street Baseball Field
Fort Pitt Park 5101 Hillcrest Street GARFIELD 5101 Hillcrest Street 15224 Garfield Fort Pitt Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 Tennis Court
Fort Pitt Football & Soccer Field
Friendship Park Friendship Avenue BLOOMFIELD 15224 Bloomfield
Garland Park Broad Street at North St. Clair Street EAST LIBERTY 299 N. St. Clair Street 15206 East Liberty Garland Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Basketball Court
1 Handball Court
2 Tennis Courts
Heth's Park Heths Avenue at Hampton Street MORNINGSIDE 15206 Morningside Heth's Playground Playground Spray Feature 3 Bocce Courts
1 Hockey Court
1 Tennis Court
Heth's Field One - Baseball Football Soccer
Heth's Field Two - Baseball Football Soccer
Heth's Field Three - Baseball
Highland Park - Flynn Parklet Bunkerhill & North St. Clair Streets HIGHLAND PARK 15206 Highland Park Highland 2 Half Basketball Courts
1 Hockey Court
2 Tennis Courts
Highland Park Highland Avenue HIGHLAND PARK 1 Lake Drive 15206 Highland Park Farmhouse Playground Highland Park Super Playground Pool Grove Playground Rhododendron Playground Highland Park Pool 9 Tennis Courts
4 Sand Volleyball Courts
Bud Harris Cycling Track Farmhouse Field
Baseball Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Joe Natoli Park President Way & Antietam Street MORNINGSIDE 6944 President Way 15206 Morningside Joe Natoli Playground Playground Spray Feature Joe Natoli #1
Joe Natoli #2
Joe Natoli #3
Kite Hill Park Kincaid at North Atlantic Street GARFIELD 15206 Garfield 1 Basketball Court
Leslie Park 46th & Butler Streets CENTRAL LAWRENCEVILLE 15201 Central Lawrenceville Leslie Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Basketball Court
John McGrane Memorial Field #1
John McGrane Memorial Field #2
McCandless Park Carnegie Street & McCandless Avenue UPPER LAWRENCEVILLE 15201 Upper Lawrenceville McCandless Playground
Morrow Triangle Park Baum Boulevard at Liberty Avenue BLOOMFIELD 15224 Bloomfield
Nelson Mandela Peace Park Broad & North Evaline Streets GARFIELD 15224 Garfield Nelson Mandela Plaground Nelson Mandela Spray Park
Osceola Park Osceola & Cypress Streets BLOOMFIELD 15224 Bloomfield Osceola Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Hockey Court
Paul J. Sciullo II Memorial Park Bloomfield Park Ella Street at Mott Way BLOOMFIELD 408 Ella Street 15224 Bloomfield Paul Sciullo Playground Bloomfield 1 Dek Hockey
2 Bocce Courts
1 Basketball Court
Officer Paul J Sciullo Memorial Baseball Field
Sullivan Park 36th Street & Liberty Avenue LOWER LAWRENCEVILLE 15201 Lower Lawrenceville Sullivan Field
West Penn Park 450 30th Street POLISH HILL 450 30th Street 15219 Polish Hill West Penn Playground West Penn Playground Spray Feature 1 Half Basketball Court
Skate Park West Penn Field
Alcoa Park Merchant Street & Ridge Avenue NORTH SHORE 15212 North Shore - North Side
Allegheny Commons Park East Park - North & Cedar Avenues West Park - Brighton Road Ridge Avenue & North Avenue ALLEGHENY CENTER & WEST Allegheny Center & West - North Side Deer Pit Playground North Avenue Playground Sue Murray Playground West Park Dog Park Sue Murray Pool 1 Basketball Court
5 Tennis Courts
2 Pickleball Courts
Martin Luther King Baseball Field
Richie McCabe Field - Baseball Football & Soccer
Allegheny Landing Park Isabella Street between 6th & 7th Street Bridges ALLEGHENY CENTER 39 Isabella Street 15212 Allegheny Center
Allegheny Riverfront Park 10th Street Bypass & Fort Duquesne Boulevard DOWNTOWN 6 10th Street Bypass 15222 Downtown Downtown Dog Park at 9th Street Bridge
Alpine Gardens Park Alpine Avenue between Monterey Street & Garfield Avenue CENTRAL NORTH SIDE 519 Alpine Avenue 15212 Central North Side -Mexican War Streets Alpine Playground
Brighton Heights Park Benton Avenue & Brighton Woods Road BRIGHTON HEIGHTS 600 Brighton Woods Road 15212 Brighton Heights Brighton Heights Playground Jack Stack Pool 1 Basketball Court
Brighton Heights #1
Baseball Brighton Heights #2
Baseball John Merry #3
Baseball Brighton Heights #4
Baseball Brighton Heights #5
Baseball Brighton Heights #6
Buhl Community Park at Allegheny Square Children's Way & West Commons ALLEGHENY CENTER Allegheny Center - North Side
Catalano Park Spring Garden Avenue & Arcola Way SPRING GARDEN 15212 Spring Garden Catalano Playground
Cowley Park 1200 Goettman Street TROY HILL 1200 Goettman Street 15212 Troy Hill Cowley Playground Troy Hill 2 Basketball Court
Cowley #1 - Baseball
Cowley #2 - Baseball
Cross & Strauss Park Cross & Strauss Streets PERRY SOUTH 15214 Perry South - Perry Hilltop - North Side Cross & Strauss Plaground 1 Hal Basketball Court
Fineview Park Fineview Avenue & Myler Street FINEVIEW 15212 Fineview Fineview Playground 1/2 Court Basketball
2 Pickleball Courts
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Fineview Field-Baseball
Fowler Park North Charles Street at Shelton Avenue PERRY SOUTH 15214 Perry South - Perry Hilltop - North Side Fowler - Football & Soccer Field
Gardner Park Gardner & Herman Streets TROY HILL 15212 Troy Hill - North Side Gardner - Baseball Field
Garvin Park - Brashear Reservoir Parklet Garvin Street 15214 Perry North - Observatory Hill - North Side Garvin Baseball Field
Jefferson Park 605 Redknap Street CENTRAL NORTHSIDE 605 Redknap Street 15212 Central North Side Jefferson Playground 2 Basketball Courts
Legion Memorial Park Brighton Road & Shadeland Avenue BRIGHTON HEIGHTS 15212 Brighton Heights
Leister Street Park Leister Street SPRING HILL - CITY VIEW 15212 Spring Hill - City View 1 Basketball Court
Lookout Street Park Lookout Street TROY HILL 15212 Troy Hill Lookout Playground 1 Half Basketball Court
Manchester Park Columbus Avenue & Fulton Street MANCHESTER 15233 Manchester Manchester Playground 2 Tennis Courts
Manchester School Park Juniata & Fulton Streets MANCHESTER 15233 Manchester Manchester Baseball Field
Marmaduke Park Oswald Street & Bonaventure Way BRIGHTON HEIGHTS 3915 Oswald Street 15212 Brighton Heights Marmaduke Playground 1 Dek Hockey Court
Marmaduke Baseball Field
Marshall - California Park Marshall & California Avenues MARSHALL-SHADELAND 15212 Marshall-Shadeland _ North Side Marshall - California Playground 1 Basketball Court
McKnight Park Page & Fontella Streets MANCHESTER 15233 Manchester McKnight Playground 1 Basketball Court
2 General Sports Court
McKnight Football & Soccer Field
North Shore Riverfront Park North Shore Drive NORTH SHORE North Shore Drive 15212 North Shore
Riverview Park Riverview Avenue at Perrysville Avenue Perry North - Observatory Hill Perry North - Observatory Hill Riverview Playground Riverview Park Riverview Riverview Soccer Field
Scherer Park East & Royal Streets SPRING HILL - CITY VIEW 15212 Spring Hill - City View Scherer Baseball Field
Spring Garden School 1501 Spring Garden Avenue SPRING GARDEN 1501 Spring Garden Avenue 15212 Spring Garden
Spring Garden Ave KaBOOM Playground Spring Garden Avenue & Pascoe Way SPRING GARDEN 841 Spring Garden Avenue 15212 Spring Garden Neighborhood Playground—KaBOOM Playground Michael Flynn Baseball Field
Spring Garden Park Spring Garden Avenue & Pascoe Way SPRING GARDEN 15212 Spring Garden Park Playground Michael Flynn--Baseball (1550 Spring Garden Ave.)
Spring Garden School 1501 Spring Garden Avenue SPRING GARDEN 1501 Spring Garden Avenue 15212 Spring Garden
Spring Hill Park 1308 South Side Avenue SPRING HILL-CITY VIEW 1308 South Side Avenue 15212 Spring Hill - City View Spring Hill Playground Playground Spray Feature 2 Basketball Courts
1 Half Basketball Courts
1 Hockey Court
Spring Hill Baseball Field
Thomas Park 101 Grant Street DOWNTOWN Downtown
Troy Hill Citizen's Park Hateras & Claim Streets TROY HILL 15212 Troy Hill
Washburn Square Park Superior Avenue & Bartold Street MARSHALL-SHADELAND 15212 Marshall-Shadeland - North Side
Washington's Landing Park Herrs Island & Waterfront Drive WASHINGTON'S LANDING Waterfront Drive 15212 Washington's Landing 5 Tennis Courts
Woods Run Park Woods Run & Central Avenue MARSHALL-SHADELAND 15212 Marshall-Shadeland Woods Run Playground
Young Field Park Shadeland Avenue & Complete Street MARSHALL-SHADELAND Marshall-Shadeland Ry-Molt Baseball Field
Able Long Park Coast Avenue at Alverado Avenue BEECHVIEW 15216 Beechview Able Long Playground
Alton Park at Beechview School Andick Way & Kenberma Avenue BEECHVIEW 15216 Beechview Alton Playground Basketball Courts Jim Rawe Football & Soccer Field
Banksville Park 1461 Crane Avenue BANKSVILLE 1461 Crane Avenue 15220 Banksville Banksville Playground Banksville 1 Basketball Court
1 Dek Hockey Court
1 Tennis Court
Banksville Baseball Field
Banksville School Park 1001 Carnahan Road BANKSVILLE 1001 Carnahan Road 15216 Banksville Banksville School Baseball Field
Beechview Senior Center 1555 Broadway Avenue BEECHVIEW 1555 Broadway Avenue 15216 Beechview
Chartiers Park Chartiers Avenue & Middletown Road WINDGAP 15205 Windgap - Cartiers Border Chartiers Playground Spray Park Coming Soon! Chartiers Field—Football/Soccer (Light Activation Button on side of building)
Crafton Heights Park Preston Street & Crotzer Avenue WESTWOOD 15205 Westwood - Crafton Heights Border Crafton Heights Playground
Dunbar Park 1213 Clairhaven Street CRAFTON HEIGHTS 1213 Clairhaven Street 15205 Crafton Heights Dunbar Playground 1 Basketball Court
Dunbar Baseball Field #1
Dunbar Baseball Field #2
East Carnegie Park Doolittle & Alter Streets EAST CARNEGIE 15106 East Carnegie East Carnegie Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 General Sports Court
Emerald View Park - Eileen McCoy Park Shaler & Greenleaf Streets MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Eileen McCoy Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
Emerald View Park - Mt. Washington Park Norton & Ennis Streets MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Mt. Washington Playground 1 Basketball Court
Dilworth Baseball One - Lower
Dilworth Baseball Two - Upper
Emerald View Park - Olympia Park Virgina & Olympia Streets MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Olympia Playground Olympia Dog Park 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
Olympia Baseball Field
Emerald View Park - Ream Park Merrimac & Virginia Streets MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Ream Playground Ream Pool
Emerald View Park - Shiloh Street Parklet Shilo & Virginia Streets MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington
Esplen Park Esplen & Frustum Streets ESPLEN - WEST END 15204 Esplen - West End Border Esplen Playground
Fairywood Park Broadhead-Fording & Village Roads FAIRYWOOD Fairwood Fairywood Playground 2 Basketball Courts
Herschel Park Herschel Street off Stueben Street ELLIOTT Elliott Herschel Playground 2 Basketball Courts
1 Hockey Court
Herschel One - Lower - Baseball Football Soccer
Herschel Two - Upper - Baseball
Lodge Potenza at Mt. Washington Healthy Active Living Center 122 Virgina Avenue MT. WASHINGTON 122 Virginia Avenue 15211 Mt. Washington Bocce Court (1)
McGonigle Park Allendale Street SHERADEN Sheraden McGonigle Playground Basketball Courts Full & Half
McGonigle Baseball Field
Mutual Park Mutual & Fadette Streets SHERADEN Sheraden Mutual Plaground 1 Half Basketball Court
Oakwood Park Craftmont & Durbin Streets OAKWOOD 15205 Oakwood Oakwood Playground 1 Basketball Court
2 Tennis Courts
Oakwood Baseball Field
Pauline Park Pauline Avenue BEECHVIEW Pauline Avenue 15216 Beechview Pauline Playground 2 Basketball Courts
Sheraden Park 1071 Adon Street SHERADEN 15204 Sheraden Sheraden Lower Playground Sheraden Upper Playground Sheraden 2 Basketball Court
2 Tennis Courts
Skate Park Park Adjacent - Tuxedo Street Sheraden
One - Baseball Football Soccer Sheraden
Two Baseball Field
Andrew Joseph Kukuruda Park Stratmore & Elmont Streets CRAFTON HEIGHTS Crafton Heights Stratmore Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 Tennis Court
Townsend Park Chartiers Avenue & Ernie Street ELLIOTT Elliott Townsend Playground 1 Basketball Court
Tropical Park Tropical Avenue BEECHVIEW Beechview Tropical Playground Basketball Courts Full & Half
1 Hockey Court
Tuxedo Street Skate Park Tuxedo Street SHERADEN Sheraden
Vanucci Park Orangewood Street BEECHVIEW Beechview Vanucci Playground Beechview Spray Park Vanucci One Baseball Field
Vanucci Two Baseball Field
Wabash Park Wabash Street WEST END West End Wabash Playground 2 Basketball Court
Wabash - Baseball Football Soccer
West End Park Noblestown Road & Walbridge Street WEST END West End West End Playground
West End-Elliot Overlook Park Rue Grande Vue & Marlow Streets WEST END West End
Westwood School (Westwood Park) Guyland Street off Noblestown Road WESTWOOD Westwood Westwood Pool Westwood One - Baseball Football Soccer
Westwood Two - Baseball Football Soccer
Arlington Park Salisbury & Fernleaf Streets SOUTH SIDE SLOPES 1523 Sterling Street - Park & Spray Park 2201 Salisbury Street - Recreation Center 15210 South Side Slopes Arlington Playground Arlington Spray Park 1 Basketball Court
Bill Stoltz Baseball Field
Arlington One Baseball
Armstrong Park 12th & Sarah Streets SOUTH SIDE 15203 South Side Armstrong Playground 1 Basketball Court
Horseshoe Pit
1 General Sports Court
Armstrong Field - Baseball Football Soccer
Bon Air Park Calle & Conniston Streets BON AIR Bon Air Bon Air Playground 1 Hockey Court
Brookline Memorial Park 1400 Oakridge Street BROOKLINE 1400 Oakridge Street 15226 Brookline Brookline Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 Dek Hockey Rink Danny McGibbeny Memorial Field - Baseball Football Soccer
Officer Stephen J. Mayhle Baseball Field
Sam Bryen One Baseball Field Sam Bryen Two Baseball Field
Cobden Street Park Cobden Street SOUTH SIDE SLOPES South Side Slopes 1 Basketball Court
Devlin Park Devlin & Castell Streets ARLINGTON 15210 Arlington Devlin Baseball Field
Eleanor Street Park Sierra & Eleanor Streets SOUTH SIDE SLOPES Slopes Eleanor Streets Playground Half Basketball Court
Emerald View Park - Bigbee Field Bigbee Street off Bailey Avenue MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Bigbee Field - Rectangle
Emerald View Park - Grandview Overlooks Grandview Avenue MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington
Emerald View Park -Grandview Park Bailey Avenue MT. WASHINGTON Mt. Washington Grandview Playground 1 Basketball Court
Hays Park Hilburn & Mifflin Streets HAYS Hays Hays Playground Half Basketball Court
Leolyn Park Leolyn & East Cherryhill Streets CARRICK Carrick Leolyn Playground 1 Basketball Court
Lincoln Place Parklet Cox Avenue & Elwell Street LINCOLN PLACE Lincoln Place Lincoln Place Playground
McBride Park 1785 McBride Street LINCOLN PLACE 1785 McBride Street 15207 Lincoln Place McBride Playground McBride Pool 1 Basketball Court
1 Tennis Court
McBride - Baseball Field
McKinley Park Lower McKinley -Bausman Street Upper McKinley - Delmont Avenue at Amesbury Street BELTZHOOVER Beltzhoover McKinley Playground -Bausman McKinley Playground -Amesbury 3 Basketball Courts
1 General Sports Court
4 Tennis Courts
Skate Park
Loretta Miller Baseball Field
McKinley One - Football/Soccer
Monongahela Park Josephine & Northview Streets SOUTH SIDE SLOPES 15203 South Side Slopes Monogahela Playground Monogahela Baseball Field
Moore Park 1801 Pioneer Avenue BROOKLINE 1801 Pioneer Avenue 15226 Brookline Moore Playground Moore Pool Playground Spray Feature Basketball Courts - Full & Half
2 Pickleball Courts
3 Tennis Courts
Moore One - Baseball Football Soccer
Moore Two Baseball Field
Ormsby Park 79 South 22nd Street at Sidney Street SOUTH SIDE FLATS 79 South 22nd Street 15203 South Side Flats Ormsby Playground Ormsby 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
Ormsby Baseball Field
Phillip Murray Park Mountain Avenue & Wagner Street MT. OLIVER 15210 Mt. Oliver Phillip Murray-Baseball
Phillips Park 201 Parkfield Street CARRICK 201 Parkfield Street 15210 Carrick Phillips Playground Phillips Pool 1 Basketball Court
1 Tennis Court
Frisbee & Disc Golf
Phillips Field - Football & Soccer
Roland Lockridge Community Park 460 Revenue Street 460 Revenue Street 15210 New Homestead Roland Lockridge Playground 1 Basketball Court
Horseshoe Pit
South Side Park Arlington Avenue & Esop Way SOUTH SIDE SLOPES South Side Slopes South Side Playground Quarry Field - Football & Soccer
South Side One Baseball Field
South Side Riverfront Park Monongahela River at South 18th Street SOUTH SIDE FLATS South Side Flats South Side Dog Park
Volunteers Park Colerain Street CARRICK 15210 Carrick Volunteers Baseball Field One
Volunteers Baseball Field Two
Volunteers Baseball Field Three
Volunteers Baseball Field Four
Warrington Park 329 East Warrington Avenue BELTZHOOVER 329 East Warrington Avenue 15210 Beltzhoover Warrington Playground Warrington 1 Basketball Court
Warrington Baseball Field
Winters Park St. Paul & Yard Way SOUTH SIDE SLOPES 15203 South Side Slopes Winters Playground 1 Basketball Court
Winters Baseball Field
Albert Turk Graham Park Foreside Place & Vine Streets CRAWFORD ROBERTS Crawford-Roberts - Hill Dsitrict Albert Graham Playground
Ammon Park 2217 Bedford Avenue BEDFORD DWELLINGS 2217 Bedford Avenue 15219 Bedford Dwellings - Hill Dsitrict Ammon Playground Ammon Pool 2 Basketball Courts
August Wilson Park 1803 Cliff Street CRAWFORD ROBERTS 1803 Cliff Street 15219 Crawford-Roberts - Hill Dsitrict August Wilson Playground Josh Gibson One - Baseball
Josh Gibson Two - Baseball
Blair Street Park 5230 Blair Street HAZELWOOD 5230 Blair Street 15207 Hazelwood Ray Miller Baseball Field
Boundary Street Park Boundary Street at Joncaire Street CENTRAL OAKLAND Central Oakland Boundary Street Playground 1 Hockey Court
Bud Hammer Park Bigelow & Bristol Streets HAZELWOOD Hazelwood Bud Hammer Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
Bud Hammer Baseball Field
Burgwin Park 328 Mansion Street HAZELWOOD 328 Mansion Street 15207 Hazelwood Burgwin Playground Burgwin Spray Park 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
1 Tennis Court
Burgwin Football & Soccer Field
Four Mile Run Park Naylor Street off Saline Street GREENFIELD Greenfield Four Mile Run Playground 1 Basketball Court
1 Hockey Court
Frank Curto Park Bigelow Boulevard DOWNTOWN Downtown - Strip District
Frazier Park Frazier & Dawson Streets SOUTH OAKLAND South Oakland Frazier Playground Playground Spray Feature 1 Basketball Court
Dan Marino Baseball Field
Gladstone Park Winterburn & Hazelwood Avenues HAZELWOOD Hazelwood Gladstone Baseball Field
Granville Park Granville & Enoch Streets CRAWFORD ROBERTS 15219 Crawford Roberts Granville Playground 1 Basketball Court
Kennard Park Reed & Kirkpatrick Streets TERRACE VILLAGE 15213 Terrace Village - Hill District Kennard Playground 4 Basketball Courts
1 Tennis Court Kennard Field Football Baseball Soccer
Lawn & Ophelia Park Lawn & Ophelia Streets SOUTH OAKLAND 15213 South Oakland Lawn & Ophelia Playground
Lewis Park Irvine & Berwick Streets HAZELWOOD Hazelwood Lewis Playground 2 Basketball Courts
1 Dek Hockey Court
Magee Park McCaslin Street & Greenfield Avenue GREENFIELD Greenfield Magee Playground Magee Pool 2 Basketball Courts
1 Bocce Court
Magee Baseball Field One Magee Baseball
Martin Luther King Park Kirkpatrick Street & Bentley Drive TERRACE VILLAGE 15219 Terrace Village
Oakcliffe Community Playground Craft Avenue & Niagara Street SOUTH OAKLAND 15213 South Oakland Oakcliffe Community Playground Basketball Courts
Robert E. Williams Park at Herron Hill Reservoir Milwaukee & Adelaide Streets UPPER HILL 3500 Milwaukee Street 15219 Upper Hill Robert E. Williams Playground 1 Basketball Court
Saline Street Park Saline & Naylor Streets GREENFILED Greenfiled
Schenley Park Forbes Avenue & Schenley Drive SQUIRREL HILL SOUTH South Central & North Oakland & Squirrel Hill North & South Camp David Lawrence Playground Anderson Playground Bartlett Playground Oval Playground Overlook Playground Vietnam Veteran's Playground Schenley Park Pool 4 Pickleball Courts
12 Tennis Courts
Mayor Bob O'Connor Golf Course
Frisbee & Disc Golf
Ice Skating Rink
Schenley Oval Field Sportsplex - Soccer & Track Panther Hollow Field Schenley Field Two - Football & Soccer Schenley Field Three Football & Soccer Mazeroski Baseball Field
Shalane’s Play Yard 268 Dunsieth Street 15213 West Oakland Shalane's Playground
Tustin Park Tustin Street & Jumonville BLUFF Bluff - Uptown Tustin Playground
Vincennes Park Wandless Street & Webster Avenue MIDDLE HILL Middle Hill - Hill Dsitrict Vincennes Playground 1 Basketball Court
Zulema Passive Area Zulema Street & Boulevard of the Allies OAKLAND Central Oakland

River access is highly valued in Pittsburgh. We maintain approximately 51 acres of riverfront parks. Many partner organizations such as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Sports & Exhibition Authority also maintain signature public riverfront properties.

Our riverfronts also feature a significant public trail system along the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio riverfronts.

Allegheny Landing
North Shore
Point State Park
South Shore
Three Rivers Heritage Trail