City Farms



The CitiParks new City Farms program will work to connect the city’s food producing gardens and farms more actively to city resources. Currently the City Farms initiative is working to meet with key stakeholders involved in local garden/farm efforts to inform the development of our strategy to support this important work. Our initial goals include:  

  • Better connecting city resources to urban food producing gardens and farms. 
  • Providing direct support to gardens and farms located on City property by way of planning, soliciting volunteers, and assisting with food distribution efforts.    
  • Creating and growing the network of local independent food growers.  
  • Working with various city departments to continue to increase city property that is available to support urban agriculture.  
  • Support educational opportunities for city residents to engage in local food production.  

While we plan to have more of our program offerings developed by winter 2023, we are hosting our first event this fall! Please see the flyer below for more information and check back to stay up to date on our program offerings.  

To connect with us please e-mail:

More FREE SOIL TESTING for Community Gardens in the City of Pittsburgh is coming soon, please check back!


Soil Testing How To Instructions:

  • Measure Square ft. of each garden bed sampled.
  • Using a trowel, shovel, or auger, and a clean pail, obtain thin slices or borings of soil from at least 3-12 different locations (dependent on plot size) from within your growing spaces. Avoid unusual spots that are not representative of growing areas.
  • Sample to a depth of 3 or 4 inches.
  • Mix the soil taken into one composite sample. Spread soil on newspaper in a warm room to air dry overnight. Do not heat.
  • Bring Soil Sample (at least 1 whole cup) to Drop Off location in a sturdy resealable plastic bag; paperwork and mailing processes will be handled on site!
  • Please have garden bed measurements information handy!
  • Limit:  Maximum of 5 soil samples per garden/person.
  • Testing Note:  Testing can be done according to specific crops you plan to grow next year. If you have that planned out, you can collect samples from different areas to be tested for each crop. It’s okay if you don't know, you will get the standard mixed vegetable test!
  • You will be contacted with your test results and the date your prepared amendments are ready for pick up.
  • More Info HERE: