Lifeguard Information

LIFEGUARD TRAINING FOR SUMMER 2023 HAS ENDED--We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Lifeguards are hired to work at Citiparks Aquatic Facility locations June through Labor Day.  Citiparks offers Lifeguard Certification Training courses prior to the season as well as recertification for experienced lifeguards. Candidates must have a Red Cross Lifeguard Certification valid through September 4, 2023 and additionally are required to submit criminal background clearances and pass a medical exam.

2023 Lifeguard Job Interest Form!

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CITY OF PITTSBURGH LIFEGUARD?  Fill out the FORM today and we will call you!  Please make sure you meet the following criteria before sending your application:
At least 16 years old by September 5, 2023
A current City of Pittsburgh Resident and fully vaccinated for COVID-19
Willing to work at any of Citiparks Aquatics Facilities

READY to APPLY to be a LIFEGUARD?  Find the job application HERE!


Are you an experienced Lifeguard?  Call our Aquatics Office TODAY--412.323.7928

A RE-CERTIFICATION Class will be schedule to onboard currently certified lifeguards.  Please stay tuned for date/times.  Get on  our list and we will call you; complete the Lifeguard Interest Form HERE!

If you become a certified Lifeguard through an external organization (i.e. American Red Cross) and join our team we will reimburse your fee.

For more information on how to register for a Training Course or Recertification Classcontact our Aquatics Office:

  • 412-323-7928      

Lifeguard Training Information:

Citiparks offers Lifeguard Training courses for potential employees. Over the course of our training, candidates will learn the necessary skills to obtain a Red Cross Lifeguard/CPR/AED/First-Aid certification as well as policies and procedures required by the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Health Department.  Please make sure you apply online through the City's employment center.  Current lifeguards are also required to go through pre-employment training and/or recertification.  

All Lifeguard Training Courses will be conducted with COVID-19 Safety Protocols in place to meet City, County and State requirements.


Training Course 1

*All classes are mandatory. 

  • Thursday April 20, 2023 – 6PM - 9PM 
  • Saturday April 22, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM 
  • Sunday April 23, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM
  • Saturday April 29, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM
  • Sunday April 30, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM

Training Course 2

*All classes are mandatory. 

  • Thursday May 11, 2023 – 6PM - 9PM
  • Saturday May 13, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM
  • Sunday May 14, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM
  • Saturday May 20, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM
  • Sunday May 21, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM 


*All classes are mandatory. Candidates must pre-test for this course.

  • Tuesday May 30, 2023 – 6PM - 9PM
  • Thursday June 1, 2023 – 6PM - 9PM
  • Saturday June 3, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM
  • Sunday June 4, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM

All experienced lifeguards are required to attend a Recertification Class and pass a performance exam. For more information about the exam, please contact our office.

Recertification Class 1

  • Saturday April 15, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM

Recertification Class 2

  • Saturday May 6, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM

Recertification Class 3

  • Saturday May 27, 2023 – 9AM - 5PM 

All Training Courses and Recertification classes will be held at: 
Pittsburgh Carrick High School
125 Parkfield Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15210