Recreation Centers General Information

10 recreation centers throughout the city offer an opportunity for you to discover the best that Citiparks has to offer. 

Open year round, our Community Recreation Centers are responsible for numerous indoor and outdoor sporting activities, educational programming, crafting and leisure time with fellow community members.  They also provide various programming for the city’s youth, including afterschool programs as well as Citicamps in the summer. 

To check out the programs at the center closest to you click HERE, then select your center.  To check out programs done in conjunction with partner organizations, please scroll down.

AMMON (2217 Bedford Avenue, 15219)  Monday-Friday:  11 AM to 7 PM
ARLINGTON (2201 Salisbury Street, 15210)  Monday-Friday:  10 AM to 6 PM
BROOKLINE (1400 Oakridge Street, 15226)  Monday-Friday:  9 AM to 8 PM   Saturday:  8 AM to Noon
JEFFERSON (605 Redknap Street, 15212)  Monday-Friday:  Noon to 8 PM
MAGEE (745 Greenfield Avenue, 15217)  Monday-Friday:  10 AM to 8 PM
ORMSBY (79 S. 22nd Street, 15203)  Monday-Friday:  Noon to 8 PM
PAULSON  (1201 Paulson Avenue, 15206  Monday-Friday:  Noon to 8 PM
PHILLIPS  (201 Parkfield Street, 15210)  Monday-Friday:  9 AM to 8 PM    Saturday:  8 AM to Noon
WARRINGTON (329 Warrington Avenue, 15210)  Monday-Friday:  11 AM to 7 PM
WEST PENN  (450 30th Street, 15219)  Monday-Friday:  9 AM to 9 PM    Saturday:  10 AM to 3 PM


The following recreation centers have fitness/weight rooms: 

  • Ammon
  • Brookline
  • Magee
  • Ormsby
  • Paulson
  • Phillips
  • Warrington
  • West Penn

Fitness/Weight Room Memberships are $5/month.  Fitness/Weight Rooms are open for all 18+, 14+ with a guardian.