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The Office of the Mayor began the conversation of connecting kids of all colors in the urban community to 21st Century tech skill sets.  By providing a safe space in their community to foster those skills we at CitiParks look forward to fulfilling this mission through our Rec2Tech programming.

Rec2Tech will demonstrate how we can use existing city resources to increase access to technology for; and provide young people with the 21st Century learning opportunities they will need to succeed in innovation and technology fields. Ultimately, Rec2Tech will help bridge the divide and provide access to opportunities for people in their own neighborhood and community.

One of the ways in which CitiParks has been able to get our Rec2Tech Program started is through an award from the National Science Foundation. With this funding, Citiparks has teamed up with Baltimore City and the Digital Harbor Foundation to address the digital divide through innovative Rec2Tech programming.

See our very first Rec2Tech Coding Class that was held at Paulson Rec Center!

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