West End Overlook

West End Overlook

The West End Overlook provides spectacular views of Pittsburgh in all its splendor.




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The West End Overlook sits just over 700 feet above the Ohio River and is a four-acre parcel on Elliot Hill in the West End. The overlook project was financed by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the City of Pittsburgh under Mayor Barr.

The original overlook area consisted of little more than a car park and road. In 2003 the area was fully renovated. The new park consisted of the modern shelter house, parking lots, ADA-access and expanded landscaping.

Location: Rue Grande Vue & Marlow Streets
Closest Address: 921 Rue Grande Street
Hours: Sunrise to 11PM

The West End Overlook has one shelter available for rental, more information can be found here by selecting “West End/Elliot Overlook”.

As one of our most popular shelters, residents are advised to book well ahead of a planned event.